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Did the Barmy Army bring that very English football chant, "Same old (insert name here), always cheating!" ?

...I guess not.


Trotty's very whatever-it-takes. We need a few of him.


I've said for ages that I wouldn't hesistate to give the running across the pitch out OTF, even if they don't manage to stop it. Thing is, everyone does it, so noone ever appeals.


Give it 15 degrees of latitude.


Whenever the English players do anything that for any other team would be 'cheating', Sir Ian calls it tactics.


Indeed. Horrendously biased.

And pompous:

"I've played the game as hard as anyone on the planet."

And self-righteous:

"but there are certain things you know and when you're a close fielder you know things, and when it bounces"

And we'll hold him to this:

"He knows he hasn't caught it."

He has to be of the most pompous men I've ever heard on TV. Any English cricket fans I know, which isn't many as most of the English people I know here didn't go to private schools, can't stand him.


All well and good to get in the way but the Aussies then cottoned on how to handle it... throw the ball hard at him, preferably at a nice, soft fleshy area like the back of the knee. He might keep his wicket but he'll end up in a crippled heap one day.

That's how cricket should be played.


Being as Trott is South African by upbringing, the next defence for English supporters is to dub it as his baggage.
Nobody brought up in County Cricket cheats. Period

Big Ramifications

It's funny, but hypocritical commentary aside, my initial reaction was half way between "meh" and "what's the problem?" The majority of the latter half of my *ahem* competitive cricket *coff* career was indoor cricket... and that's an oft-used tactic that never raised eyebrows.

But then again, so is Mankad. And sneaking a single when the bowler is walking back to his mark. And getting completely shitfaced before and during the game.

The Don has Risen

this is claptrap.

Trott did not run down the middle of the wicket he ran down the side of the wicket and the side where he could put himself between the ball and the wicket.

As it is Lee three poorly otherwise Trott would have been out.

Having been involved in an obstructing the field decision this was most definitely not one!

The Don has Risen

I should have also added I thought Lee more guilty of obstructing than Trott

Hangover Black

I read that article that mentioned that Lee fired the ball at Dussey, but I'm sure it was Michael Clarke.


And going by this very tech-savvy youtube clip,
my memory still holds. Dussey was backing up but Clarke spilt the chance at the stumps.

The Don has Risen

No I thought Lee stopped Trott from running initially


I'm struggling to remember a time all summer when Oz have effected a half decent run out. Even when Strauss got run out in a mix up with Trott the initial throw to the bowlers end missed the stumps, Clarke then picked it up and threw it to the keeper. It would have been appropriate if Clarke threw it over Klutzy's head. Tone G should change the motto "they never hit".

While we're lining up the firing squad, throw that redneck fielding coach against the wall too.


Let's not forget the comical effort against Sri Lanka, was it Lemming bouncing a ball off IPCoS's misplaced knee?

Most of the f-ups have a panicked feel to them, and you'll never hit anything if you rush. That's a communication thing as much as anything. Whoever is calling throwing ends and actions is doing a rubbish job (Klutz?).


Yep, they look like they've been nervous all summer in the field. Have they done a proper pick up and throw run-out yet this summer? Can't recall one.

Apart from Johnson's kick on to the stumps in the first ODI.


Whoever is showing the Aussie fieldsmen how to balance before they throw is pissed out of his head.

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