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Big Ramifications

Remember the Carlton player who was supposedly the little kid on the Max Walker aeroguard advert?

I did some back-of-the-ciggie-packet maths and concluded the story was horseshiat.

But I've forgotten the kid's name and the year he debuted in the AFL, so can't really check my sums.


Read the article, Biggy Baby. The player is Jim Plunkett.

Big Ramifications

I was just testing.


Suuuuuure, ya were.

Big Ramifications

So the kid was born about the same time he was making the ads?


And I'm the only person who has bothered to check this "fact."?


Now, Biggy:

"There's only two things bother me, son. Batsmen... and flies!" Tangles promptly blasts half a can into his Australian cap, the starstruck kid immediately following suit. So effective, that it was given a second run around in the mid-1980s. Those particularly keen on their sporting trivia might even know that the kid in the "Avagoodweegend" campaign Mk II was, in fact, former Western Bulldogs and Carlton player Jim Plunkett.

Plunkett was in the second round of Aeroguard ads, not the original.

Big Ramifications

Woops. Every other time I've heard him described as the "kid in the Aeroguard ad," not the kid in a knock off of the Aeroguard ad." Tim Lane is one I remember.

But totally missed the "MKII" in the article, so thanks for the heads-up and apologies to Rohan Connolly.

Funnily, I read the "it was given a second run" part OK. But stupidly I took it to mean "it was given a second run" and not "it was remade." So only half apologies to Rohan Connolly.


Half apologies for half right. Good doogs.

Hangover Black

That annoying prick selling mitsubishis shits me no end.

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