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I like Alex's nickname for Bollinger of "Dough". Might use it myself in future.


Pretty sure Dough comes from a misprint in one of the newspapers. In fact, more than one, since this is not the typo I remember.


Other downlights (as Mark Ridgeway just called them on Grandstand) are obviously the dead pitches and the Six O'Clock Swill, courtesy of our Broadcast Partner.


Tacked a couple of articles onto the bottom of the post, one by Greg Baum and one by Dean Jones.


I've been moaning about Troy Cooley for ages. The more he works with Johnson, the worse Johnson seems to bowl and in fact, the more he works with any of them the less likely they are to know what those three wooden things at the other end of the pitch are. Not to mention the endless bloody injuries to young, old and middling aged bowlers. I don't understand what he's doing apart from operating a fifth columnist for the English team.

I think Russ has been slating him for a bit longer than me though.

Professor Rosseforp

Sporting memory is a funny thing -- I remember Pat Cash thinking he won Wimpleton, when Bob Hawke thought HE had. Not that long after Hawkie won the America's Cup.


Inaccuracies aside, that is a hugely entertaining article by DR Deano. After all the excess of agonising Ashes articles it was a refeshing read. Pity he's such a knob because in another lifetime DR could make a good selector. Thinks outside the square, pro Vic, calls a spade a spade, father of the year. In reality those characteristics are selector resume shredders. Perhaps they can draft him in as selector when the series becomes a dead rubber.


Deano often includes interesting tit-bits. Pity you have to fossick through layers of tripe about how Australians should play better because they are Australians, gut reactions and scattergun analysis.

I love it when people get in the media to breathlessly reveal their "most cherished memory" only to get the memory wrong:

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

It is probably not a failure of memory so much as it is a case of one person wanting to join in and (ab)using another person's memory. Or they regurgitate the memory of an Event the media have built up into one of those Events we are supposed to remember. Call it Woodstock Syndrome, where the experiences of a couple of hundred thousand attendees from 1969 have morphed into the memories of a couple of billion attendees in 2010.

Then there are those memories made up for cred, or crud in the case of K-Fraud at the Gabba.

There is an Ashes promo currently running on SEN in which Anthony Hudson recalls the Centenary Test. "I'll never forget the crowd chanting 'Lillee! Lillee!' as I sat there as a six year old." Hmmm. Six years old? I have a staggeringly good memory and I don't remember anything as a six year old. Not saying Huddo didn't. Not saying Huddo's telling porkies. Just: Hmmm.

By the way. Did you know the Vic players used to call Brad Hodge "little Deano"?


As it happens, I was at days 1, 2 and 3 of the Centenary Test with RT and, as a 15 year old, I don't remember the crowd chanting 'Lillee! Lillee!' They probably did, since that is what Aussie crowds did back then, but I would love to see footage of the match - specifically day 2 when Lillee cut up the Poms - to see if the crowd was going off. I do remember Molly Melbrum sitting about three rows behind me in the Ponsford Stand and being mobbed by a hoard of Xavier kids.


If only we had 11 Mark Philipoussises at the Adelaide Oval, we might have won that Test.

Professor Rosseforp

Tony, I have very distinct memories of being a six year old, since that is the age I was when I arrived in Oz.
My first live test was when I was eight or nine, and although I clearly remember the resultant sunburn, and the crowd stirring Norman O'Neill, a lot of my other memories of that day are mixed up with subsequent radio and television broadcasts. So every test I heard over about a seven year period, whether in England or Australia, and every Shield match, has somehow been imprinted into that one day. So if I were to remember the England batting line up, it would consist of about 35 players. Likewise Australia, including many who never actually played test cricket. It includes Lord Ted Dexter breaking his bat during the innings, and Simpson scoring a triple century -- neither of which actually happened in that test.


I got the cane when I was 6, for fighting at school. I remember that pretty well.

Big Ramifications

Pat Cash came from two sets down to beat Mikael Pernfors during the 1986/87 Ashes

You are also wrong, Tony.

Pat Cash came from two sets down to beat Mikael Pernfors during the 1986 Davis Cup final.


Thank you very little.


Prof, "a lot of my other memories of that day are mixed up with subsequent radio and television broadcasts" is what I mean by "other people's memories". It turns a personal recollection (if you can really, truly remember it at all) into a memory you are supposed to have. I would suggest that remembering 'Lillee! Lillee!' at the Centenary Test is most definitely a memory you are supposed to have.

Then there's the Chinese whispers, or in this case Albanian whispers. Adem Yze used to play Aussie Rules for Melbourne. When he played his first game he did a couple of flashy things. But, in the words of a caller to SEN, "I saw Yze's first game when he had a 30 touch blinder", which is an extravagant way to describe 5 kicks, 1 handball and 1 point.


Does Spanky only watch test matches and NSW shield games? Another prod at the current Test team peppered with references to how well the NSW (sponsor) Blues are going.

Or is he another of the chorus that all things blue must also be green?


I suppose Spanky does only watch Tests and the Walers, but I've never had him for a NSW booster.


Interesting weekend... IS it for real that Nathan has cracked the Sh... Ritz?


Looks dramatic on the back page of the Herald Sun, but the "I don't play for them anymore" needs to be taken with a GoS. And I would also give away any Max Walker books.


Apparently people were there rummaging through his stuff for "talent" but he didn't have any in the first place. Plenty of "luck" though and letters from fellow team mates saying what a "good bloke he is to have around the team".

Grand sale, grand sale. Franco Cozzo.


Glad to see that the selectors are playing a straight bat with the Australian public...

I mean, they wouldn't dare lie to us, would they?


Rotation? Che buggia!

Does that mean that Dougie is being 'rotated' for the Perth match? Is North being rotated with Smith and we can expect his smiling stolidity and irritating backlift at the MCG?


... and yes, "Johnson has spent the past week working on his action with Australia's fast bowling coach Troy Cooley...".
So we can expect another 5 days of rubbish then?


And here end-eth the last vestiage of hope for a recall of Brad Hodge.
"I mean I can't score any more runs because that's what I've done for a decade."

The Don has Risen

I am reading the WACA pitch is a green-top.

Like Yoggi Berra said it is deja vu all over again.

Can the Selectors be rotated at all?


And then there's the 20/20 (the Nine TV show) method of fake memory: "You just can't imagine the impact Kennedy's assassination had on American politics," says a 25 year old Australian swimmer. What, and "you" can?

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