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Brett Pee

I love a whingeing pom Tony. They couldn't handle Perth- you could sense and almost smell the fear mate. Two more wickets tailor made for our quicks should see a 3-1 i reckon. Swanny negated- their 4 man attack won't work over here.


That last innings fold was a cracker and I didn't expect it. They looked nervous of Johnson (how that worm turned) and now hopefully they'll be worried about Harris as well.

They should be, he's a good bowler. Studly might be trash in the next match but I wouldn't expect Harris to be.


Is Swann injured? He didn't bowl much for the worlds best spinner and his batting lacked his usual fight. Jimmy broke Wattos record for the slowest walk off the field and Collingwood has taken him of the Xmas card list. Finn looks stuffed as well. I think it's there for the taking...if we are good enough.


... if we are good enough. Hmmm

Cook is World's Best Practice when it comes to time taken getting off the ground. A couple of his sluggish efforts in last year's Ashes should be etched in folklore.

The Don has Risen

a 'quick' Melbourne wicket is not the dame as a quick WACA wicket.

for one thing you do not have the bounce which is what the poms couldn't handle.

I have no problems with a fast bouncy wicket as you will get results and better cricket.

it appears too many people are putting far too much on what happened in Perth


I agree with the Don has Risen here... Sure there won't be the same bounce and it was that rather than the pace that did England - plus of course some swing bowling which would have done any side on any pitch from Johnson.

As far as the Daily Mail goes - that paper talks so much rubbish its unreal. I actually don't think any serious paper or writer is complaining about the pitch swap - as Cook said we do it when we need to!

Can't wait!


To reiterate. I still reckon what we wrote the other day goes:

Been hearing the odd cavil about how we doctored the Perth pitch to suit our bowlers. And how we might doctor Melbourne & Perth to suit our bowlers.

Why wouldn't we suit our bowlers? The Poms did it last year at the Oval. Most every other country does it. Get on with it, I say. Giddy up, groundsmen.

Posted by: Tony | Monday, December 20, 2010 at 03:24 PM

Have you looked outside recently Tony? We ought to be happy with any sort of pace and bounce at the MCG. The sub-surface just isn't going to dry out, which will make the pitch slow - painfully and depressingly so. They could make it green, but green won't suit our batsmen, not the way we play a seaming ball.

Sydney will be worse again, guaranteed.

Posted by: Russ | Monday, December 20, 2010 at 03:30 PM

Russ, I don't for a moment think Melb or Syd will be like Perth, but I can always hope. Given recent conditions here, there is every chance it will be like Brisbane, which experienced a similarly weather-influence preparation, and which would similarly crucify our chances of forcing a win.

Eddie Cowan on Twitter said this:

Ed Cowan tough wicket to get in on but good once you get going. Cossie got 150, Sids bowled fast and doey took a 5 for

Ed Cowan

they re-layed 3 wickets with new/different grass. We played on one game one. Cracking cricket wicket. Pace, seam and spin.

Not sure that a "cracking cricket wicket" favours us, but.

Posted by: Tony | Monday, December 20, 2010 at 03:36 PM

Big Ramifications

What I don't get is that "it is too dry" [front page of this post] yet it "isn't going to dry out" [comments here claiming to be the correct call].

Also what bradders said. England being "enraged" about this is just like the "furore" caused when KP did some switch hitting in an ODI.


Biggy, this article is less hysterical. The rejected pitch has "been under the covers" and "had bare patches" - that is, a lot of the grass died under the covers trying to keep it dry enough to roll. It is only a short leap of logic from there to assume the one that wasn't covered had a lot of deep watering and less rolling, meaning it will play slower and lower.


It's going to be pretty difficult for the team to follow that up. They so rarely perform two games in a row.

But I'm glad that the English batsmen will be in two minds about what Johnson is going to do with the ball.


As interesting as it can be (discussing grass growing), it is very important to the outcome of this Ashes series... som much so that we have this scheduled for today (23/12).

MCG curator Cameron Hodgkins will speak to media at 10.30am today about preparations for the Boxing Day Test pitch.

Will Cameron Hodgkins (Cameron Sutherland at the WACA; I look forward to the day all curators have the same first name) have Tony Grieg ride shotgun to translate matters horticultural into layman's terms?


Perhaps he could be assisted by Carl Spackler, the famous cross-breeding grass grower of Bushwood (now to be renamed Cam Spackler?).

"This is a hybrid. This is a cross, ah, of Bluegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Featherbed Bent, and Northern California Sensemilia. The amazing stuff about this is, that you can play 36 holes on it in the afternoon, take it home and just get stoned to the bejeezus-belt that night on this stuff."

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