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Professor Rosseforp

I'm sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Can somebody fill in the missing pieces?


It's PR's response to recent criticism that his Sydney 2008 article was over-blown.


I thought TLM was the unreliable witness?


Spanky was never one to let facts get in the way of an opinion.


Please check out the blogging competition (blog World Cup 2011) at Sportskeeda .. there is a wonderful panel and a blackberry phone up for grab

Big Ramifications

I thought Tendulkar was the unreliable witness?

a rising strong nation that had endured 300 years of subjection was going to roll over

That tears it. He's nuts. Certifiably.

a] WTF has that got to do with anything? and b] it would appear that the populous nation of which he speaks had done NOTHING BUT roll over for 300 years. A few thousand redcoats vs. hundreds of millions of citizens. Top effort, that.

Big Ramifications

Hey Bruce! There were only 2 comments when I started scribing my reply. Great minds.

[yes, it took me over half an hour, I got distracted]


It takes a special type of psychopath to emigrate to a country and then spend your time lecturing it's inhabitants on what he perceives to be their foibles. There's something uniquely English about having the lack of character to even attempt that.


Since that SCG Test has been raised, it's worth repeating that it was incomparably the lowest point reached by Australian cricket in the past quarter of a century.

Well Boxing Day 2010 has knocked that off.

Professor Rosseforp

Thanks, I re-read it -- the old "proud Sikh warriors can get angry on the cricket field but bogan Australians can't" argument. Not dissimilar to "bad behaviour acceptable if player is supporting a family in a third world country" or "so what if he throws it's jolly good for the sport on the subcontinent and he's a decent chap" arguments that Mr Roebuck has stored in his laptop for frequent recycling.

The Don has Risen

Clarke was found to be the unreliable witness.

The NZ judge was quite good towards the Australians.

I have always found it mystifying that the only person who could have heard the word monkey, Hayden,could have told Symonds soooo quickly.

The Umpires were to blame though.

They should have NEVER let things get that far although at least one would have lost a lot of self confidence during the test.


Don, Sounds like you're blaming everyone except the guy who made the racial slur.

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