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David Barry

On exaggerated debates: Probably my favourite aspect of the last Test was how Chris Tremlett would be well on the way back to his mark when Strauss and Prior would call him to talk about a referral that Tremlett clearly didn't think would be worth it.


Referral system...actually the lack of it cost South Africa tonight. Two costly LBs given that even to the naked eye didn't look out.


Tremlett has previously been accused of lacking the necessary c-factor to be a top class fast bowler. Guess that extends to his reluctance to join in shenanigans.


Anthony, there was also an incident in which Instant Karma had Morne Morkel "caught" in gully by V-Slog off a "no ball" which, had India been able to refer, could well have been over-turned. When Instant plonked his foot down his heel was definitely behind the popping crease and therefore not a no ball. If the technology was available, it would have been interesting to see if those in the Indian room could have relayed a message quickly enough for those on the field to appeal for a referral. Or even whether the umpire could have referred his own decision in the same way Aleem Dar referred the Johnson/Prior "dismissal" on Sunday.


Speaking of no balls, can anyone explain part (b)(i) of the following?

5. Fair delivery - the feet

For a delivery to be fair in respect of the feet, in the delivery stride
(a) the bowler’s back foot must land within and not touching the return crease appertaining to his stated mode of delivery.
(b) the bowler’s front foot must land with some part of the foot, whether grounded or raised
(i) on the same side of the imaginary line joining the two middle stumps as the return crease described in (a) above
and (ii) behind the popping crease.
If the bowler’s end umpire is not satisfied that all of these three conditions have been met, he shall call and signal No ball.

David Barry

It means that if you're bowling over the wicket, you can't land your front foot on the right half of the pitch.

Professor Rosseforp

I still think with my 15% allowance of overstepping, Mitchell Johnson's dismissal would have stood, and Australia would have won the test. Every bowler in test history has overstepped.


I saw the LB on Zak Khan. As plum an LB as you can possibly get, with Steyn, Smith & Co incredulous. Zak and Lax then made a very important stand after that. Even with winks and the like referrals in all tests must surely be mandatory. India holding out for old school style umpiring is very odd.

Two other things I noticed in that game - Steyn has got the Johnson type arm tatts. Stupid dickhead. Kallis has got a healthy head of hair. Vain dickhead.


Obviously a nods as good as a wink to a lame duck.


Dave, thanks. When you see it explained it makes perfect sense. When I first read it, it seemed odd.

Professor Rosseforp

Doesn't b (i) also imply that if you are right-handed, and bowling around the wicket, your front foot can't land on the left hand side of the pitch? I.e. both of them are trying to stop you from blocking the umpire's view of the batsman?


Confirmation, sort of:

Ricky Ponting still has point to prove

Ponting also dismissed a report in The Guardian newspaper that Kevin Pietersen tricked him into the heated confrontation with the umpires on the second day of this Test by telling the Australian captain he had nicked the ball. Ponting, who was fined $5,400 after pleading guilty to dissent, seemed taken aback by the suggestion.

“How would that have happened? He actually winked at me after the decision was given not out, so that, to me, says that he hit it, but you can take it however you want to take it,” he said.


Prof, yes that's right. The umpire can call a no ball if you stray too far across the stumps. How this no ball call works in conjunction with the umpire warning the bowler for "running on the pitch", I am not sure. Which call has priority?

Professor Rosseforp

The description is no more clear in the French version of Les lois du cricket:
[Loi 24. Faute] [En ce qui concerne le positionnement des pieds du lanceur, un service est
valide si, lors de la foulée de service] ....
b. le pied avant du lanceur tombe avec une partie du pied, même levée
i. Sur le même côté de la ligne imaginaire tracée entre les piquets centraux que celui défini en alinéa a ci-dessus, et
ii. Derrière la ligne de pied

David Barry

Tone, the "front foot crossing the middle stump" no-ball and running on the pitch are independent - the protected area of the pitch starts 5 feet from the popping crease, and is typically caused by the second step after the delivery stride. You can have one or the other, or both, or neither.

Big Ramifications

Tremlett has previously been accused of lacking the necessary c-factor to be a top class fast bowler. Guess that extends to his reluctance to join in shenanigans.

There was VIGOROUS debate amongst players and the main stream media when Gilly infamously walked. Shame shame - and in my best Derryn Hinch voice - SHAME on all of you who criticised him.

What an absolute farking champ. That moment should be made into a statue and plonked out the front of the MCG, just like the Landy Clarke to-do in 1956. And Gilly did it 50 years later in the cut throat, professional sporting era.

With this new electrical replay doodad EVERYONE will be walking soon. You look too much like a CVUNT if you don't. Google "michael clarke" "clearly out" for some background.

Naturally, "everyone" soon will be walking because of selfish reasons. Max Markson will be on the blower next morning yelling at you, saying your floggin'-cars-and-vitamin-pills-marketability-index has taken a huge hit.

Gilly [I think!] did it for the right reasons. Gilly for GG!

Big Rammer's mum

Big Rammer, that is the most awesome post in the history of cricket blogs. Tony really should be paying you for this.

I like how old people get "electronic" and "electrical" mixed-up. I see what you did there. That just takes it to the next level.


I chucked that into google rammers and stumbled upon this article:


with accompanying sultry photos of Clarke staring out with come to bed eyes. Please not our next Test captain.

Big Ramifications

That was a comment, mum, not a post. Don't get them mixed up.

It makes Tony testy.

Patard with a vengeance

"You look too much like a CVUNT if you don't."

Nothing wrong with being a cunt. In fact, so long as you recognise that you have it in you, being a cunt is the correct response in many a moment.

Where an umpire has been set to adjudicate then take yourself out of that process. Let them decide. It is a form of humility and submission to the noble art of human judgement. To step outside of this human bound one makes oneself a fuckwhit - higher than others, the sole arbiter of truth.

Nay, Gilly walked because he is a vainglorious shithead. Not a cunt. A true cunt sticks by his mates through good and bad and leaves judgement to those who have that role.

Gilly walked on Australia and no cunt to be sure, because of it. He is a fuckwhit. Gilly's actions are the equivalent of a searching flare going up from the Viet Cong, and he sticks his arm up from the dugout and yells, "We're here! Come and get us! We are honest and noble!"

No, truly such an action is the result of a traitor though built on moral grounds. A perverted morality that betrays his mates.

The more the camera shows that one is a cunt the prouder one can be.


When I first started playing cricket our coach, Mr Southeran, used to crack it if you appealed when the batsman was obviously not out. One day (1972, when I was 10) our opening bowler bowled a kid from another school and went up with a massive "how's that" (can't remember why he appealled for a bowled) and Mr Southeran replied "I've told you before about stupid appeals - not out." He also used to get shitty if point and midwicket appealed for LBW.

Since I went to posh schools sledging and shenanigans were right out and incurred punishments, so I grew up in an environment where excessive appeals and cheaty, team appeals were non-existent.

(That said, I was once out LBW against St Kevins at the Cordner when I smashed it onto my pads.)

It was pretty much ingrained into us that you did not appeal when you knew a batsman was not out. Strangled appeals like "Howz....... Oh, pooh" were common.

Has Tremlett got a bit of that? Where did he go to school?

Speaking of schools. Did youse know Andrew Strauss went to Caulfield Grammar?

Chris Judd, Andrew Strauss vie for title of Caulfield Grammar's greatest sportsperson

THE debate is raging at Caulfield Grammar - who is the best sportsman produced by the school?

While most reckon it's probably Carlton captain Chris Judd, England cricket captain Andrew Strauss has emerged as an unlikely contender.

South African-born Strauss attended the school in 1985-86 before his parents settled in England. Caulfield Grammar is listed as his first cricket club - Strauss attended the school's Malvern campus for junior students - while Judd played his first competitive footy there.

We should claim him. We need an opener. We can call him Ando or Strizza or Keppler instead of Pik.


Cameron - saw the article. If he's not gay, he should be. Although I would be quite open to a gay Australian Captain (as long as they average 50 with the bat or 25 with the ball), I still think Clarke's a cvnt.

Big Ramifications


Big Ramifications

That last comment was for Pat.

This one's for you Cameron: Struth!

Big Ramifications

saw the article. If he's not gay, he should be. Although I would be quite open to a gay Australian Captain...

When I see footage of Richie Benaud in his captaincy days, my gaydar senses become aroused. That's a terrible thing to say about a doyen, I know. The man in the bone suit.

Big Ramifications

Just to balance that last one out a bit.

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