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Doesn't take Google long. The post has been up for less than two hours: shane warne is a dick head.

Big Ramifications

The one thing I got from the Tiger Woods saga was: WHAT A BUNCH OF MIDDLE AGED SCRUBBERS! You risked it all for that?!

A lot different here, I know. Shane is already well and truly exposed as a cheat. So is he just doing it for the lulz?

Big Ramifications

Sorry, Tony. Early middle aged.



Thought for the day:


Where does Shane Warne fit in?

(Apologies to the real Yobbo)

Big Ramifications

Speaking of Shane K. Warne. Shane K. Bourne. Who bloody keeps casting him?! Who bloody keeps lettin' him back on the telly?

Drives me nuts. He's always gonna be the idiot who did that idiot segment with Maurie Fields on Hey Hey It's Saturday. Way too fond of himself, with that "hey shut up I've got the chair everyone shut up and listen to me coz what I'm about to say will be funny" air about him.

Always lickin' his disturbingly simian upper lip. Always with the lips. *SHUDDERS*

rhymes with...

Get a bit of me upya, lads!

Nicola Roxon's press secretary

Sorry, wrong thread.

Helmut Reiwoldt

Sexting > Texting

Who here hasn't been thinking about Nick Reiwoldt's helmet all day?

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