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Whoa, steady ladies ...


* wolf whistle *


Can't believe the CA board ignored the AGB for ideas, advice, direction and diplomacy, the cvnts.

Big Ramifications

Bloody hell how many bloody pollies are in that lot?!

You know what they say. If a retired pollie gets elected to a board of directors: sell.

And that's out in the corporate world where you think they *might* have half a clue. I betcha they don't know Jack about sport. Toss 'em a cricket ball and they'd be landing 'em off the carpet - Johnny Howard style.

And Tubby and Tardos don't strike me as the brightest of retired players they could have chosen, either.


I read this last night and was going to link it but...I didn't want to upset the powers that be any further:

It is another anachronism of Australian cricket that its headquarters are based in Victoria given its relatively poor ongoing contribution to producing cricketers of quality, particularly batsmen.

Of the top 30 run scorers for Australia, Victoria has just three. Bill Lawry is 16th, Ian Redpath 18th and Dean Jones 26th. The bowling isn't much better despite having Warne at the top.

If the headquarters was based on success or the production of Australian players, it would be firmly in Sydney and if it was about the future it would be with CA's cricket academy in Brisbane.

Cough, cough, ummm, er, ah......


* bing! bong! *

Calling Monty...

The Don has Risen

Wally Edwards was well named.

John Bannon? if you are going to put a labour premier on at least put a decent one. Make it Nifty


An alternative explanation...



The Centre of Decadence.


There's a reason Victorians aren't high on that list, the same reason the likes of Jones, Simon O'Donnell and Rodney Hogg still mutter darkly: that the anti-Victorian bias in selection has been going on for the last 20 or 30 years, which is precisely the time that Tests have been played far more frequently, such that only two of the top 15 retired before 1980, and you have an also-ran like Blewett ranked higher than the legend that is Ponsford.

Re Nick's link, I note in passing that Fairfax recently moved from Spring Street to a new HQ in Melbourne, and had (from vague memory) previously moved its Sydney operations from Darling St to somewhere about two stones' throw away.

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