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I've got to use debating tactics and nuance my points on a fvcking cricket blog? You sure you don't vote Labor?


Wiki's list of foreign born NBA players includes past players.


I footnote every one of my posts and comments. Well, actually, I don't. But I thought of it once.

Big Ramifications

And, Biggy Chest, I was just telling a story.

I know. I with you 110%. You do know what "hat tip" means?


No. Well, yes. (See footnote.)

Professor Rosseforp

Test not started and the ton is up.


Going for Aussie gold, gold, gold.

Big Ramifications

The NBA question is easily settled. Adonal Foyle, playing NBA since 96-97 appears to be the only player. Far more players have (probably) been lost to athletics.

What question did you easily settle?

"Compared to the NBA, far more citizens have (probably) MADE IT TO THE ELITE LEVEL in athletics." I hope that's not what you're saying. Coz I've already covered that.

Big Ramifications

I've got to use debating tactics and nuance my points...

No, your point was wrong. Your point was that "youth participation" had something to do with "making it all the way to the NBA."

When I pointed out your error, you back pedalled and started asking for EVIDENCE™! I've seen it all before, sizzlechest.


When a newspaper article is written by more than one journo, who takes credit for the first sentence: Richard Earle, Ben Dorries or Andrew Webster?

UNPOPULAR Michael Clarke will prove his critics wrong and show he is a born leader, national coach Tim Nielsen says.

(Only two journos are listed online, three on the Hun back page.)


Crash doesn't tag-team:

Big risk to pick yuppie Michael Clarke

AUSTRALIAN cricket has moved into dangerous territory by appointing a Test captain who is unloved around the nation.

We wish Michael Clarke the very best for his first challenge as Australian Test captain, but the facts are the facts.

Clarke woke in Sydney to read the back page of the Daily Telegraph, a newspaper that dubbed him Mr 15 per cent.

In its survey of more than 3000 fans, that is how many people saw him as our next Test captain.

And that's his home town.

Injured Simon Katich beat him in the vote and he will never play another Test.

He grew up in working-class Liverpool in Sydney's west. But though he is part working class, he is also part yuppie, with flash cars, trendy mates, tattoos, hot girlfriend and friendships with Shane Warne and Brian Lara.


So there's been this massive surge in 'youth participation' in Caribbean basketball. You've got all these youngsters playing basketball instead of cricket over there and one Caribbean player makes it to the NBA in 15 years. Makes sense.


I don't drink...

Big Ramifications

Part yuppie?

Farking hell. Where has he been for the last 20 years? He's perfectly described a CUB.

The Don has Risen

The Daily Terror has readers who cannot read.

A newspaper poll is not worth discussing and the Asutralian captaincy is not given on the basis on popularity.
One would hope it is given on the basis of competence.

Given I live in NSW it appears to me one of the few captains who can captain is Cameron White. Katich is another but he is too old.

Giving the captaincy to a player in a form slump is 'courageous'


Definitely a CUB.

The Don has Risen

'The stereotype includes having speech and mannerisms that are considered to denote poor education and uncultured upbringing' does not describe Clarke, Warne yes but not Clarke




The question Cam asked, regarding the number of NBA level players of West Indian descent. Tony provided a more comprehensive answer, which adds a few more names, but not many, and looking through the list, there has been no increase in the number of West Indian descended NBA players in the past two decades.

The theory of American domination of West Indian sport has been around a long time. It may have some currency, or it may not; the people I've heard arguing it are mostly ex-West Indian cricketers (and Tony Cozier), which makes me skeptical. They are just as likely making a "back in my day" argument. The empirical evidence at the elite level doesn't support it. Your argument Biggy, appears to be that the number of successful elite athletes tells you nothing about rates of interest and youth participation. They might not be perfectly correlated, but quite clearly, if talented athletes start popping up in a sport then they've foregone playing an alternative. Usain Bolt being the most prominent example of someone who swapped out one for another.

If you'd prefer the academic nuanced view BigR, here's Gerald Griggs in 2006:

This would suggest that diversification into other pursuits, which includes basketball, is a factor, resulting in fewer numbers having to play cricket and therefore also resulting in there being fewer athletes to choose from. However, whether it is fair to say that the best are being lured away from cricket and in turn from the West Indies as Nafziger (1997) suggested is questionable. Emigration of talent is happening but it is not a new occurrence, as even at the height of their cricketing power, many West Indian families migrated and settled in the United States (Smith, 2001).

According to McDonald (1998), “West Indians have always looked abroad in professions and sport as a way of achieving upward mobility” (p. 23). It would seem reasonable to argue, therefore, that the extent of the blame laid at the door of American sports is not totally founded. Yet it is little wonder perhaps that those wishing to explain such a rapid decline look no further than a reason that is both very visible and represents a relatively recent change to West Indian culture.

Big Ramifications

You've got all these youngsters playing basketball instead of cricket over there and one Caribbean player makes it to the NBA in 15 years. Makes sense.

Why does one have to follow the other?

I'm not sure about you in your racist cities over East, but there's a lot of Aborigines living in Perth. I used to laff near the central rail station where, to a man, all the Aborigines would be strutting around in their NBA gear with surly looks on their faces, identifying with their black "brothers" in the USA.

You turkeys.

Go to the local rec centre during basketball games... Christ, if ya ever wanted to hold a town hall meeting with Aborigines, put on a basketball tournament, that's all I've got to say.

Number of Aboriginal currently playing NBA?

And could you just imagine the TOTALLY AWESOME infrastructure in the Windies that would nurture promising basketball talent to the next level. Haha! To ultimately reach one of THE MOST COMPETITIVE SPORTING LEAGUES ON THE PLANET? Hahahaha!

TKYC (charge, leave it, BOWLED... you tool!)

I once played with a few Greek and Yugo cricketers that said they had no future in the game because "its too Aussie mate, no wogs play cricket".

So that talent was lost to football (AFL) where 'wogs' were stars... Jezza, Silvagni, Daicos, Mil Hanna, Marcou, etc...
(Yep, and most of them barracked for Carlton or Collingwood.)

K-waj wont change that so much... he is another player with subcontinental heritage to play. When Australia develops a Greek, Italian, Chinese etc player to international standard, THEN we can bang on about diversity. It is not diverse to have a subcontinental heritage player.

And while were at it... some one should toss a ball at a few Sudanese lads and teach the the fine are of knocking a batsmans head off. Some of the fells I've seen are almost 7ft. Imagine the bounce they could extract!
One Joel Garner from the Members end, and one from the Outer end... near invincible!
.... sorry, dream over!


'And could you just imagine the TOTALLY AWESOME infrastructure in the Windies that would nurture promising basketball talent to the next level. Haha! To ultimately reach one of THE MOST COMPETITIVE SPORTING LEAGUES ON THE PLANET? Hahahaha!'

I would imagine it resembles the 'TOTALLY AWESOME infrastructure' that African-Americans use until they are picked up at High School/College level. That's one of the secrets to basketballs popularity (and soccer's) worldwide- you don't need a lot of fancy equipment.

Big Ramifications

If you'd prefer the academic nuanced view BigR

Firstly, I wasn't asking for links or evidence. I was happy to keep it at "bloke at the pub told me" level and keep it civil from there. So no, I can't remember saying that's what I would prefer.

But this...

the blame laid at the door of American sports is not totally founded

Is that author telling me Athletics isn't also sport popularised by black Americans at about the same time the NBA was going gangbusters??? Keep the jokes flowing, guys!

Smith, Lewis, Burrell, Gay, Powell, Johnson, FloJo, Devers? Wow, he seems smart. I wish to read more of his theories.

Number of Aboriginal currently playing NBA?

One. Patrick Mills.

West Indian athletes go to the US on college scholarships, particularly athletics. Their development is taken over at the college level. The argument that athletics/basketball is pulling athletes away from cricket is quite reasonable, but as has been noted, it is not a new thing; it dates back to the time when the West Indies dominated cricket. For it to stand up, someone would need to explain why US sports are destroying cricket now, and didn't back then.

TKYC, the most notable Jamaican on the list Tony posted was Patrick Ewing. Handy athlete. Imagine facing him from one end and Ambrose from the other?

Big Ramifications

That's one of the secrets to basketballs popularity (and soccer's) worldwide- you don't need a lot of fancy equipment.

And I suppose a country's youth participation should correlate perfectly equally when it comes to making it to the big leagues? You sound like a Labor voter. No, you sound like a farking Commie.

Swish! Nothing but net.

Big Ramifications

For it to stand up, someone would need to explain why US sports are destroying cricket now, and didn't back then.

Erm. TV and Marketing?

And remember I carefully noted the age of the article to which I am referring. I'm not comfortable with your use of the word "now," because a lot has changed in the NBA in the last 15 years.


And I suppose a country's youth participation should correlate perfectly equally when it comes to making it to the big leagues?

No because the NBA is largely made up of players of West-African descent. So a bunch of White kids playing juniors in Perth would face far greater odds to make it. The West Indies however is largely made up of people of West-African descent.

Professor Rosseforp

I loved the SMH headline from Clarke "I will never captain Ponting" -- assumed to be an affirmation of loyalty and acknowledgement of his Lord and Master -- but I wonder if this is code for "Ponting is out of the side and he ain't coming back"?


Let me rephrase, someone would need to explain why US sports are destroying cricket in 2000 (the marked start of US decline), and didn't in 1985 (the height of West Indian power). TV and marketing may be a reasonable explanation. NBA popularity took off in the mid-80s, as would have television in the Caribbean. US College sports took their turn towards pseudo-professionalism (and advanced scouting) at a similar time. I'll certainly concede it is possible it is having an effect. But I would also expect an increase in elite athletes in the NBA were that the case (more participation + more scholarships should equate to more elite success).

The odd thing about the West Indies is that they are not just worse than they were in the 1980s (you'd expect that), they are worse than they've been at any point since the 1930s. If it was just the random confluence of good and great players, you wouldn't expect the highest of highs to be followed 20 years later by the lowest of lows.

Hangover Black

RT - doesn't look like many others appreciated your cricketising of that very amusing coaching rant, but I loved it.

Big Ramifications

Let me rephrase, someone would need to explain why...

You can count me out. Happy to keep it at "bloke at the pub told me" level. Although I find it hard not to bite at the more veracious replies.

Let me rephrase, someone would need to explain why US sports are destroying cricket in 2000 (the marked start of US decline), and didn't in 1985 (the height of West Indian power).

I'll get the ball rolling, however. Participation of youngsters means a lag in time before they get to senior ranks. What, 15 years if you consider 5 year olds first choosing a sport they want to learn? How could US sports destroy cricket in 1985?


I also chuckled, chortled and possibly chuntered at the cricketised coach rant.


Love to see a whole bay of Sydneysiders lean over the fence and, in perfect unison, yell "take a fvcken wicket ya cvnt!"

Patard with a vengeance

I loved the cricketised rant. More voraciousness please.

Biggie, you can't handle the veracious!


Maurice Rioli.

The Don has Risen


I c

The Don has Risen

In my local comp most players are from the sub-continent however there was only one in my rep team although he was the best player.

we have few boys from Asia or from the middle east.

Professor Rosseforp

Don has risen: I'll pass the info on to Mr Roebuck -- expect a column soon that identifies your competition as the root cause of all that is wrong with the current test team

The Don has Risen

I could say boys from the middle east are better at blowing up buildings but that is racist so I won't.

On a serious note we find players dropping out in spades in the U/12s as they go to coaching colleges to get into selective high schools


We have plenty of wogs in our cricket comp.

The answer to why there are a lack of minorities at the highest level of cricket in Australia is pretty simple: You don't get to be a first class cricketer unless your parents could afford for you to play for a junior district side since you were 10, AND you went to private school.

Cricket is just a very technical, very difficult game. Talent isn't enough, you need to have years of coaching to succeed at the highest level (as a batsman at least). You don't get those years of coaching if you come from a family that needs to work for a living.

How many Australian test batsmen of recent times grew up outside of a major city?


Bowlers are a bit different of course since bowling is far more about natural ability than it is about being coached. Lots of bowlers came from "nowhere"

Shane Warne didnt really take cricket seriously until his AFL dream came true
McGrath didn't start playing until he was 16
Waqar Younis was discovered by Imran Khan playing with a bunch of street urchins
Shaun Tait was plucked from a park cricket league to play for SA

However look at every single test batsman of the last 40 years, they all had pretty much the same cricket upbringing: Junior Grade cricket, Private School first XI, followed by senior grade cricket.


Errr, should say "AFL dream failed to come true".


Not sure about that private school bit Yobbo. Out of the top 6 that played in the last Test 4 were state schoolers (Hughes, Ponting, Clarke & Smith) and 2 (Watson and Hussey) went to private schools.

Related NSW focused article:



Hughes-Macksville High School
Watson-Ipswich Grammar School
Ponting-Brooks High School
Clarke-Westfields Sports High School
Hussey-Prendiville College
Smith-Menai High School
Haddin-Karabar High school


Obviously NSW public schools are different than the public schools I am familiar with, since all the players listed are from NSW and played for something called the "Combined High School" team which suggests that there is a strong inter-school cricket competition in NSW public schools.

Our school did not have organised sport at all, save for a yearly football tournament at country week where we played 5 games in a week. If we wanted to play sport we had to play outside of school.


At my two private schools in the 1970s the focus was heavily slanted to the academic. You had to play sport, but studies came first.

In Cam's article it says "Private school boys are expected to play for their schools in weekend matches so don’t get the same hard knocks-type training" which was true, and I would add that the borders who came from the country and who had played a lot of sport with adults back home were often the stand-out sporties.

Also, parents did not enroll their kids there to turn them into footballers or cricketers, they enrolled them there to turn them into lawyers, doctors, stock brokers, teachers, diplomats and actor/writer/performers.

I don't know if that has changed. But in recent years the school has churned out Tom Hawkins, Xavier Ellis and Alex Keath (all from the country) and the recently retired headmaster played Test cricket.


I agree that playing sport with adults certainly toughens you up and is a good grounding for sports like AFL. But cricket, especially batting, is a fair bit different. Talent and hand-eye co-ordination can only get you so far, there is a specific technique that works that has to be learned from someone.

The Don has Risen

yobbo ,
you are having yourself on.

When it gets right down to it batting is about keeping the head straight and moving your feet.

mind you it takes a long time to teach that but no longer than it takes to teach kiddies to bowl.

bowling is wholly unnatural whilst batting isn't. Having a straight bat can take a little time to teach. understanding how to judge the length by watching the bowlers hand and where the ball comes out is possibly the hardest


Muzzie Muzzie Muzzie.

Professor Rosseforp

I was a little shocked to read the Daily Telegraph story, Tony, as the comments from readers were coherent, logical and sensible in the main. A good rebuttal of Mr Roebuck's piece.

Patard with a vengeance

Re. Cams comments (TM), you don't have to be "smart" i.e. of super intelligence, to become a pilot. You need money and time. One of our local boys at the age of 16 started his pilot licence training and on completion of the HSC got it and is now in full time employ as a chopper pilot. He's not dumb, but "he's no Hannagan" (TM) either.

I got all 3 x 80 Island Flyover points on the Wii Leisure Resort, Daytime, Evening and Night and was half pissed to fully soaked for the duration, thus proving my point.

How about a list of Whites, correction Anglos, who have degrees and or diplomas and play top flight cricket, League, Union or AFL?

I'll open from the North South West Rocks end with:

Nick Farr Jones (Union) is a lawyer

John Eales got a BA majoring in Psychology prior to International Rugby. Post Union career he went into finance and is currently a executive with BT Finance.

Steve Menzies, League - Diploma Finance, started and owns Menzies Financial Group

Stuart Clark - Cricket - son of Anglo-Indians (never saw that diversity fact pumped up our chutzpahs) Bachelor Commerce, currently pursuing Masters in Commerce. He's smarter than the average Muslim 1st drop debutant. Probably could get a pilots licence on the weekend while batting one handed off to Jon Bon Jovis greatest hits.

Gotta go to beacj so I can't complete the list. But, there's heaps of Whites, whoops, Anglos, who play AFL and got degrees and diplomas.

Patard with a vengeance

Geez, sorry for the typos etc. It's hard to read this screen in the suns glare and beach spray.

Patard with a vengeance

Oh, and, forgot to mention: The Greatest League Player and super athlete to ever play the game or visit our atmosphere, Ray "Mr Perpetual Motion" Price was also a carpenter, just like Jesus.

He built many homes in my local area rather than destroying them as some recent flights from Bankstown aeroport have. He also pinpointed precisely that I had no problems with my carburetor when he pulled over to assist me one day. Now that's what I call smarts.

Patard with a vengeance

Correction: "Probably could get a pilots licence in one weekend while batting off one handed to Jon Bon Jovi's greatest hits."

Professor Rosseforp

Rugby league doctors are fewer and further between than in union, but George Peponis was one.
Ric Charlesworth was a medico who played Shield cricket, but both of these examples are going back some time.
The presence of a degree is not necessarily an indicator of massive intelligence amongst post-Dawkins students (ca. 1984) when more people were able to get degrees than previously. It does indicate a certain stickability, and elite degrees are still for the elite. For example, I know some people who obtained entry to teaching degrees with a TER of less than 50. They became great teachers.
Patard, on Ray Proice, a friend of mine saw him eating a hamburger (genuine one with lettuce, beetroot etc) somewhere around Wyong, NSW. He said it was an awesome sight, as there appeared to be very few teeth in evidence, and built up his respect for the man.

Professor Rosseforp

I'm assuming the carburettor was not in an aeroplane.


Peter Bell has a law degree from UWA. Also fairly diverse as far as footy players go.


A more balanced appraisal of Australian cricket and colour:

Cricket's level playing field

THE inclusion of Australia's first Test cricketer of Muslim background, Usman Khawaja, is worth celebrating in a society where a person's birthplace, religion and family circumstances don't determine their destiny.


Maybe Roebuck's captaincy blew up at Somerset because he called them all racists.


Bollinger's re-selection has "hit the wall". Bollinger is 12th man.

Ric Charlesworth

People call me Bigthick Ric.


You could probably go through the list of Wallabies pre-professionalism and go 'doctor, lawyer, solicitor'. If any sport has a problem with inclusiveness in Australia it's rugby union which draws it's players almost exclusively from private schools. Although Pacific Islanders are being recruited by these schools they mainly play in the backs, it's in the forwards where you notice it at international level. You get our limp-wristers prancing around getting smashed off the ball by the Maori and Boer thickheads. What you'd give to chuck a Webcke or Tallis in there.

Professor Rosseforp

I think Geoff Lawson has his Bachelor of Optometry, and that probably provided him with a good line of patter to umpires in his day.

Big Ramifications

I was a little shocked to read the Daily Telegraph story, Tony, as the comments from readers were coherent, logical and sensible in the main.

To all the man haters out there with an axe to grind against Fev, do yourself a favour and stick your heads in a oven.

Professor Rosseforp

Michael Beer has been selected and the SCG pitch should favour spin from Day 3. I suppose that means England can win the toss and compile 6 dec. for 787 on the first 2 days without too much to fear, as they probably won't need to bat a second time.


Beer over Bollinger, a thoroughly Australian decision.

Big Ramifications

Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and beer?

Professor Rosseforp

I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game's afoot ... but you have been "rested" on account of your injured pinky -- and possibly your unimaginative captaincy.

Patard with a vengeance

Put this in the wrong thread. Here it is again because....It's fucken awwwwwwesome!

Nice one Prof. Sherlock too was fond of oft quoting that one.

But, I feel that this is more attuned to Punter's circumstances:

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Patard with a vengeance

Did you see my dramatic effect at the end? Yes, that's how it should be read if you cunts had any sense so I changed it. This piece encapsulates life. btw, did you know Shakespeare was a closet Catholic?

Get that one up ya, ya non-drinking Prostestant carnts.


No one's perfect, even the Bard.

I DID know Shakespeare was a closet left footer. And he had to distance himself from his key sponsor, who was an out-of-the-closet mick, else he lose his head.

Patard with a vengeance

Sorry, and you too Rammer. Nice intro.

You know I once bought a pack of fags in New York and Ronnie Woods was next to me. Didn't say nothin. Cause I'm a Aussie. That's wot I yam. I just acted natural like I was a greater god, which I yam.

Then told everyone back at the 12 steps of hell that I was stayin at.

This one's for Punter.

Double entendre there for mOOOOOOnt.


That is, I knew Shakespeare was suspected of being a Cath O'Lick.

Patard with a vengeance

Suspected of being a Tyke?

Dare we breathe it now, as then?

Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine,
There’s always laughter and good red wine.
At least I’ve always found it so.
Benedicamus Domino!

When the wind blows and the rain feels cold
With a head full of snow
With a head full of snow
In the window there's a face you know
Don't the nights pass slow
Don't the nights pass slow

The sound of strangers sending nothing to my mind
Just another mad mad day on the road
I am just living to be dying in your side
But I'm just about a moonlight mile on down the road

Made a rag pile of my shiny clothes
Gonna warm my bones
Gonna warm my bones
I got silence on my radio
Let the air waves flow
Let the air waves flow

Patard with a vengeance

Tones you might think that drunks aren't there. But. we listen. To your selections. And take note.

Though we don't show it at the time.

Patard with a vengeance

I reckon this was based on Moonlight Drive.

For Punter:

looking for a better home
gotta be
gotta be
running out of lightbulbs
open to a wastecan
yellow car
yellow car
better be inside there
wake up
wake up
nothing's gonna harm you
glass wall
glass wall
standing on the furniture
little boy
little boy
laying on a sleeping bag
through the cracks of his eyelids
feeling like a broken stone
lost him
lost him
standing on the orange chairs
can't afford a telephone
black hole
black hole
nothing's gonna harm you

Patard with a vengeance

Did someone confuse Moonlight Drive?


Nope. No confusion.


Marquee Moon?

Patard with a vengeance

Aaahhhh Nice one Tones. I used to play that when I was in the Bankstown City Police Boys Band. Get this one up ya.

Patard with a vengeance

Speaking of drinking?!

Patard with a vengeance

But the greatest of them all.

Patard with a vengeance

Sorry, it's all White, I mean, Anglo music.

Sub par, you know.

Back to the Spanky's sitar.

Patard with a vengeance

All I can say is... Cigareeeeetes, Whuskey and Wild wild wymin.


I much prefer the version with Peter Sellers and the Muppets.

Patard with a vengeance

For the first time
I'm ahead of the curve.
The Eagles have gone to bed,
no more Stevie Nix.

21:58 and everyone who counts
is fast asleep.
The holiday begins.

No muslims.
No Jews.
Just me,
and my music.
lovers like clay
Oooooooh Pompey!!!

And all the things In hate,
Come snaking out,
On Tony's blog
Weeeee may say
Pat's okaaaay

But I'm quite sure that
hatins not okay.
Even tho I can't stand a
Muslim or Jew or Buddhist or Sihk
I hate em all unequally
and have my favourites

I'm happy, amongst all these Parra fans
On the North coast
wearing my blue and gold cap
I'm happy to say
I hate hate hate all your
White lovin' crap

Full of bile and spit
I'm cofffin up my deep blue green lungs
and spittin out my detritus
and flap

I hate:
His prophet Ussy
And all the Jews
In the top 10 rich Oz list
I hate:
All the post-Modern
And Alphas
Hangin out, on a bikini slut
Love to growlthem out

I hate all the Richmond childless couples
and their nothing cryptic spew.
Late nights,
at the pub suckin down
trivia nights like desperate
illegal immigrants
half afloat
and drowning on the dj's phlegmatic drill.

There's nothin to love,
nothing to die for
Just acres and hectares
of migrants fill
In Sydney
And you cunts think it's fuckin great

All I can say is:
Fuck you all

I got my kids.
I gave birth
I'll have my recompense yet
I'll breed your due.

And there's not a thing you can do about it.

Patard with a vengeance

For Ricky:

What are they doing in the Hyacinth House?
What are they doing in the Hyacinth House?
To please the lions this day

I need a brand new friend who doesn't bother me
I need a brand new friend who doesn't trouble me
I need somebody who doesn't need me

I feel the bathroom is clear
I know that someone near
I feel that someone is following me, oh yeah

Why did you throw the Jack of Hearts away?
Why did you throw the Jack of Hearts away?
It was the only card in the deck I had left to play

What are they doing in the Hyacinth House?
To please the lions this day.

But I'll say it again, I need a brand new friend
But I'll say it again, I need a brand new friend
And I'll say it again, I need a brand new friend, the end


Well, almost 190 comments and not a ball bowled. We do generate more discussion when we are rubbish, then.
Back on the interleckshalls at highest level, I can remember that Blue-bagger prick Mike Fitzpatrick was always called as 'Rhodes scholar Fitzpatrick'.
...And one for Tones... Melbourne had Dr. Don Cordner in the post war golden era.

Patard with a vengeance

Ok, so I'm goin off

The CA execs in the board room
Brightly marketeded
They are saying
Forget the Whites
Anglos with milo
Narrow and hard to master

Bring on the migrants
Pilots diving into the Petagon

I tell you this

No Ashes will reward you now for for forgetting nationhood
Rooted in race
Soft driven slow like a gene pool
Kin and Kith

Rising up,
Those that have 'em
Hard fuckers
Mean and rueful
Doing what is required

You cunts beg and plead
prayin for a nation
long gone
An Oz Cricket dead and buried
No nation,
no country
no foul

What's left
Me and mine will dig
At the childless
from Richmond
Richmond talk back radio

I tell you bout your hopeless nights
I'll tell you 'bout the heartache
I'll tell you 'bout the heartache and the loss of God
I'll tell you 'bout the hopeless night
The meager food for souls forgot

I'll laugh at your consignment
To nothing
To courier despair

As you praise diversity
may it nullify you
and all that is yours


You've got problems, Patard. But if you stick to the cricket then no one will notice.


Looking forward to seeing what the Barmy Army has prepared in the way of Beer and Uzzie-themed songs.


"The pitch looks like a tiger, with green and white stripes running through it."

~~ Tony Schibeci, SEN


For what its worth, here is my thoughts on the 5th ashes Test:
AUS will lose by 6 wkts,
ENG: Trott top score, Swann most wickets
AUS: Watto scores ton, Clarke out before a break, Siddle best bowler


"We were beaten soundly at the Gabba."

~~ Tony Schibeci, SEN


Sydney, overcast, cloudy, shower or two. Perfect morning for Ponting to win the toss and bat. Any chance Ponting will want to allow Swann last use? Unless it's Melbourne revisited and we still bat first & last.


Clarke wins toss, bats. The spirit of Ponting lives on.


Overcast and green in the pitch.... Batting first.... Dunno if that's good or bad.


At least it's traditional.


None out, all out?


Nah.... Hazy will at least get off the mark.

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