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In fact, it was Alec Coxon's only Test.


Was 150 the follow on deficit in 1948?


In England, yes.


"It features footage of Bradman, Compton, Hutton, and Dexter, as well as a spin-bowling master-class from Bert Rhodes..."

In slo-mo no less... worth noting the elbow is straight. So much for "all bowlers throught history have chucked".



The Don has Risen

Godfrey Evans was ambitious standing up to Bedser.

Fancy groundstaff and people making cricket bats having to wear ties!


Fair call, TC. Interesting now that every time I look at a piece of old footage I look to see whether the bowler chucks. The same went for that old Pommy bowler. (Who had an exemplary action, which was nothing like the cheaty fvck up of a certain cheaty fvck up.) And guess what? They don't.


Big Ramifications

Martyn Moxon > Alec Coxon

rhymes with...

Get a bit of me upya here as well!

The Don has Risen

Tony just remember that is after Thommo's tennis accident and his clash with Turner v Pakistan.
He was much much quicker in 74


I can still acutely remember the Thommo incident. What upsets me most about it was that it took him out of the 1977 Ashes, which we lost when WSC distracted our players.

Professor Rosseforp

What a fantastic little film. I assume the brilliant cinematography was a product of wartime training of film-makers. The lighting is brilliant, especially all the old codgers (in the Long Room at Lords?) with the contrasting paintings behind them of youthful cricketers.
War-time rationing still evident, as not too many tubbies there, and no-one scoffing KFC during the match in the crowd.
English bowler has a clean action, and interestingly moves the ball beautifully from leg to off with a simple reverse offie action ; yet many commentators seem to assume this is impossible without throwing. Am I wrong, or is this the much-discussed "doosra" or miracle ball?
Another clean action from my memory, is Rumesh ("Glo-mesh") Ratnayake. If Thommo is excused from the list of chuckers, Glomesh must be excused too, as he had a similar slinging action -- he extracted enough bounce to knock out Larry Gomes' teeth. A brave man to bounce the West Indians at that period of their history.


I used to play cricket with a pair of brothers we called Rumesh and Ravi Ratnayake.

Big Ramifications

My Asian missus grew up with three boys [school, neighbourhood] called Rumesh, Ganesh, and Suresh. And because Chinese and South East Asians are the most racist people on earth [closely followed by Indians and Africans] her father dubbed them Rubbish, Garbage, and Sewerage.

One has to admit that's funny, doesn't one.

I remember when the Ratnayakes were over here. What happened to that era when we'd have top players in our Shield competition... even grade competitions? Was there a rule change?

Ian Botham was almost single-handedly responsible for Ian Healy's career when he was over here playing Shield. Y'all remember that incident? [No, not the Fatcat Ritchie in the plane incident].


Give 'em curry, Biggy.


'Ian Botham was almost single-handedly responsible for Ian Healy's career when he was over here playing Shield. Y'all remember that incident?'

Nope. Bit before my time but, I'd read about his flight to Perth in AB's autobio. Do tell.

Big Ramifications

Tony's gonna crucify me for all my mis rememberings, but here goes.

A fella was pretty much anointed as the next Test 'keeper. A QLD 'keeper with the surname Robinson.

Beefy was playing Shield for QLD that season.

One over he got Robinson to stand up to the stumps while he bowled. Beefy bowled a fast one and broke the poor bloke's finger.

Selectors CRAZILY appointed the 2nd string [he was possibly even 3rd string] QLD 'keeper to the national side, leapfrogging all other 1st string state 'keepers. His name was Ian Healy and he was a terrible 'keeper for MANY games before he found his feet.

WA's Zoeherer was clearly the best, but he had "personal issues" that have only ever remained rumours.

Professor Rosseforp

Would be interesting to know the Zoehrer story. I vaguely remember that Healy was a shock selection. John Maclean was shafted, again possibly due to a broken finger. But I think Kevin Wright was harshly done by. He was a very neat keeper, very agile and quick, and should have stayed on in the position ; he was a better stumper than most I have seen. There must have been some politics in the ACB/WSC reshuffle.
My favourite keeper of all time was Bob Taylor, who played second fiddle to Knott on the basis of his batting. Knott was a great keeper, too, but in my view Bob Taylor, even at an advanced age, was quicker, neater, more threatening to the batsman -- and much less annoying.


Don't forget Greg Dyer.

I have the odd story about Timmy Zee, none of them flattering, but I'm not about to tell 'em on the internet.


Zoehrer's dark secret: he thought he was a better spin bowler than 'keeper.


He was a very good Aussie rules player. Played WAFL. I remember one day he took an absolute hanger at East Freo oval.

Big Ramifications

The two lasting rumours - I repeat: rumours - were that a] he was a tea leaf, and b] he chonked a selector's daughter.

I don't believe the second one.


Or was it Bobby Simpson's daughter? I forget rumours.

Big Ramifications

Yeah, sorry. He was the coach.

OK. Chappell and Simpson were the two choices I heard.

I was trying to be all discrete.

Director of Shelbyville Orphanage: I know how you feel, Mr. Simpson. I myself have spent years searching for my long-lost twin brother.
Homer: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I wish I could help you, but we're looking for my brother today. Can you tell me his name?
Director: Hmm. According to our records, a Mr. and Mrs. Powell adopted your brother and named him Herbert.
Homer: Herbert! Herbert Powell! Great, where can I find him?
Director: I'm sorry...I'm not allowed to release that information.
Homer: Oh, please, please! This is my life we're talking about here! Please!
Director: Well, I--I do sympathize with your situation, Mr. Simpson. After all your brother could be anywhere. Even Detroit.
Homer: I know he could be anywhere, that's why I want you to narrow it down for me! Please!
Director: You know, Mr. Simpson, if you ask me, the city of brotherly love is not Philadelphia. It is...Detroit.
Homer: Well, if you ask me, changing the subject makes you the most worthless, heartless excuse for a human being I ever--
Director: Read between the lines, you fool!
Homer: Oh! Oh, I get it! Okay. Here's twenty bucks. Now will you tell me where my brother lives?
Director: Mr. Simpson, I don't want your--
Homer: Just take it and tell me!
Director: Detroit. He lives in Detroit.
Homer: Fine! Thank you!


via wiki:


Big Ramifications

Thanks, Cameron. Didn't realise it was on the public record 15 years ago. There's something fishy about a "bottle of Scotch that you are allowed to "take" but the boss thought it was stolen but really you had "permission" to take it but no one told him" story.

And don't be misled into thinking that was the only story floating around. I've met a few cricketers in my time and heard some more... grassrootsy stories.

Having said all that, I loved the Z man. Was shattered when it looked certain he was not going to be the #1 wicket keeper. Jeez he had a head on 'im, didn't he. Like a norwest blowie.

Hangover Black

You didn't boo Gilly when he took Z's placein the WA side did you BR?

Big Ramifications

Heh. No. I was over it by then.

Big Ramifications

The more I think about this...

Either you've stolen the Scotch or you were given the Scotch. You had "permission to take" the Scotch? How the hell does that situation arise? Seems very odd.

The Don has Risen

anybody who steals scotch should be kilt or worse eat haggis


Agree with Biggy.

Have you see The Kids are Alright, the film about The Who? There is a scene in which Pete talks about how he kept replacing his smashed guitars. He would poke his head into this music store, grab a guitar, yell out " pay you next week" then run out the door.

Ring any bells?

I put my imagination to work and came up with this: Martyn was on the fuel, up for a bit of mischief, saw a chance to spirit away a bottle of booze, made a joke about it, ran out the door, got tuned for it, cracked the shits.


Player Z is at this function, decides he wants to carry on up the Sharja after it's done, and asks the lowly bartender if he can have the bottle of Scotch.
Said bartender, not wanting to offend, says "off course sir".

Player Z, having been given permission to take the bottle, disappears upstairs.

Whoever had to pay for the event notices a bottle is missing, asks the bartender what happened to it. He says Player Z took it. Management reports this to Mr Simpson.

Managment and Bobby think he's stolen it. Player Z thinks he has permission.


The "best" way to ask permission: ask "permission" of a person who is not in charge.

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