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The retrospective resting plans seem a bit iffy, but all the fuss about the recall are a bit over the top. The talk when he was dropped was that he needed to prepare for Perth, and now he's playing there.

The Don has Risen

Has anyone said Bollinger had the rug pulled from under him?


It's interesting that bowlers need to be rotated but batsmen stay in until they score runs and dropping them leads to "instability in the team".

We need a rock hard selector who has no previous links to the current playing group - one who can look subjectively at players and pick them on form, ability and potential rather than if they're a "good bloke" or not. That term to reference those players out of form shits me no end.


After a storming 09/10 in all forms Bollinger had a poor English summer - completely ineffectual in the ODI series against the Poms and seriously below par in the Test series against Pakistan on green top wickets. Watching Aamir hoop the ball around and Bollinger (who use to swing it heaps) unable to get one to even wobble indicated that something was wrong.
The injury of course and the craziness behind it didn't help, but his performance in Adelaide was pretty much the same as we had already seen mid year.


Can we rotate selectors? Surely Hilditch and Cox are on thin thin ice?

Big Ramifications

"We didn't plan for Mitch to struggle in Brisbane, but certainly we had made plans beforehand to leave him out of the second Test because we felt the conditions would have suited Peter Siddle, Ryan Harris and Doug Bollinger."

Putting my pedant hat on: he's describing "horses for courses," not rotation.


Horses for rotations.


Hewy, seems to me none of our bowlers can maintain their skills in test cricket. Even if they start out alright they lose the ability to swing the ball or know where the stumps are.

Look at Hilfy. He just doesn't make them play enough even when he's bowling well.


Lou, can't agree more. Though, I do think part of Hilfy's problem is Ponting's field placements means he has to bowl outside off. If you want outswing bowlers pitching the ball on middle they need onside protection. Remember AB's fields to Alderman in '89.

Speaking of Alderman, surely CA should be getting him down to the WACA to work with him. Hilfy is basically trying to emulate the Alderman gameplan, so might as well get Clem to give him a few tips.

Doesn't appear to be how this past-their-used-by-date coaching group roll though.
Acid test for Cooley is whether he actually achieved something with Johnson over the last week of intensive trampoline and visualisation sessions. If Johnson bowls well, I'll be the first to say Cooley is a genius, if not - time for Cooley to go.


Seriously, Ian's brother Greg can go rotate on this...

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´


The real test for Cooley is if he ever taught anyone anything. Apart from Simon Jones and Jimmy Anderson where is the generation of young English bowlers he taught how to bowl swing? Where are all the Australians?

Occam's razor would suggest that Simon Jones already knew how to reverse swing it before he ever met Troy Cooley.


We now know that reverse swing in 2005 was caused by Treschothick's mints - he admitted it.
Hence the complete lack of reverse swing in 2009.

So, Cooley's only success was to hand out the mints in 2005. Since then he's achieved nothing.

Big Ramifications





He didn't teach Jimmy Anderson a toot. He stuffed him up trying to change his action. It was only when he got away from Cooley that he went back to his old action and started bowling well again.

Hewy, current captains set fields for shit bowling. It's a modern disease.

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