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That photo is about as embarrassing as the one of Joel Monaghan.




Hello, boys:


" watch, $23600"
Crikey, his watch is more expensive than my car!

Even if its not his but a loaner for the shoot, then it still says something about modern 'flash harrys'.

This country's done a Ken Bruce!


What, and painted tea towels?


Is it really any different than Denis Compton and the brylcreem, Richie Benaud with the open shirt and Lillee, Marsh et al with the wide lapels, gold chains and zapatas? Richie's bone jacket was quite the outlandish fashion statement at the time ...

No doubt the "old fogies" of those times found it all quite amusing then too!

O. Fogie

Nyuk. Nyuk.


Hello, boys:

The poor girls' Dane Swan, aka Hamlet Ugly-Duckling.

I'd clench my fists too if I was forced to look like a silly tosser. (Apologies to Murali.)

Big Ramifications

I like the jacket. Very Colin Firth, Pride and Prejudice. I have a problem with the collar. Popped or not? What's it gonna be, Nathan? Ya can't be goin' out with this half assed popped not popped look.

The "I" is yellow. "I" as in "me." The word "STYLE" is also in attention grabbing yellow. I'm already thinkin' "Woah! I have style."

Then what's this other yellow bit? It's off to the right and it's as if it's telling me to OPEN THE FARKEN MAGAZINE!

That's what the yellow bar is for. Have no doubts, for I have spoken.


Ben Coady: Who is going to win the Ashes and who will be the stars?

Sutherland "CRICKET'S BIG CAHUNA": Obviously, I think Australia [...] Ricky Ponting has a lot to prove. [...] Mitchell Johnson is going from strength to strength.

Pat Hannagan

I wonder what Alf would make of that spread?

David Barry

Hauritz in a suit reminds me of Wyatt Roy, probably just because he looks 12.


On the back of Hauritz getting all showbiz, comes this from Crash...
"Nathan Hauritz has done splendidly to resurrect his career and his earnings now push $1 million a year. That's around three times as much as the Prime Minister, who might claim she puts more spin on her deliveries than he does."

You would think earning that much and being shite, that he would try to pull his head in a bit, lest it get a kicking.


I guess it's a good sign that Crash is prepared to take the gloves off and stick the boot in this early in the summer. At least we're not kidding ourselves any more. The pressure is mounting, and something will have to be done. The beatings will continue until morale improves, as it were.


Crsah off the leash-priceless.


Crash off the long run is, as they say in the classics: good for football.

Professor Rosseforp



Thunderbirds are go!


I've lost all hope learning Hauritz earns $1M a year. We're doomed.

Professor Rosseforp

Tony you are right, this guy has walked straight off Tracy Island.
I wonder if the cricket ball was photoshopped? It just looks like it doesn't belong there.
The zip jacket is a steal at $1370, but I don't think you need the zip as it looks too tight to be done up.


The FAB picture probably deserves a post of its own.


Eurgh, that photo of Twatto makes me want to retch.


I can live with the pic of Watto. Not to my taste - but he's producing the goods on the field - let him play dress up for the Jetsons. Hauritz should be ashamed to show his face in public, especially looking like a prancing dandy, and Michael Clarke looks like he's auditioning for gay porn.


What a bunch of fucking homos.


Not a good day for our
Million dollar spinner...

"Under the watchful eye of chief selector Andrew Hilditch, Hauritz - Australia's premier spinner of the past 18 months - was carted for 57 runs in nine wicketless overs."

Just have to hope Hilditch was watching the Sheild playing group, and not propping up the bar talking to the drinking stakeholders.


Yobbo : indeed.
THYCraig : better than walking his dog...

I can only conclude that all members of Australia's fourth estate have become diligent subscribers to the AGB - as they have dumped such a large bucket of faeces on 'the land's leading twister' it must be a reverse Mozz.


Nathan Hauritz : Million dollar maybe


It's very funny though. All that money, like white trash lottery winners.

That Craddock article at the beginning uses Hussey and North as examples of what? Players who are worth their zillions just because they played first class for a long time? Give me a break.

Clarke looks like a complete wanger in that shot.

I like how he gets 'irritated' when we lose. Far from irritating me, it makes me happy when he captains the Aussies to a loss. Especially if Kat and Hilfy isn't in the team.

Shane Dillon

Watson is trying to be Oz's answer to David Beckham....flogger!

Big Ramifications

FYI it's Ric Charlesworth.

I call him Bigthick.


You want me to put that in the right post, Snorky? OK, I will.


Further to Shane's allegation, I saw IPCoS on the cover of Men's Health today. I seem to recall Becks has also graced the frontsipiece of that publication.

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