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Is he delusional?


Well, every side above us hasn't beaten us at home apart from SA and we beat them away, so technically he's right.

However, deep down , we all know he's wrong.

Big Ramifications

How many times did he say the same thing in the first three paragraphs? I count five.


It's called professional optimism. Trouble is, the more you repeat something, the less you, you are believed.


Oh how we've fallen. 'We need to get up to make sure we're fourth to get into that." There's an aim for you.

Marcus North used to trot out the same line about the Warriors getting better all the time the last 2 seasons. Which I guess they were, apart from their catching. And the bowling. And there was still a few issues with the batting but apart from that, it was all hunky dory.

Very much like the Aussies.


When he mentions outside influences not affecting them, does he mean being beaten by other teams, do you think? I'm not sure he had any idea what he was saying by the end of the interview.


I think he means media speculation about him being dropped. Meaning either:
a) the media has been getting to him, and its entirely their fault he's averaged less than 40 for the past three years, or
b) the media has had no effect on him, but get off his back or he'll average 30 this summer (again)


Anybody read the articles about Chappell and the 'aging' line-up?


Just read it.

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