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The the article Russ linked to:

''There was a particular concern that we need to do better at engaging females, the women and girls.''

Give Gibbs Australian citizenship.

Big Ramifications

Not surprised by the "clique" comment. I saw a doco the other day on Rugby Union and a Murdoch-backed competition that almost happened 10-12[?] years ago. Apparently South African Ruby Union was pretty much run by one fella.


BR, I think you're referring to World Rugby Corporation, which Kerry Packer cautiously backed. The Murdoch's had Super League around the same time, just when pay tv was kicking off in oz. (I'm a sucker for rebel sporting competitions, viva la revolution!). Although I'm loathe to give the guy a rap given his leftist politics, Peter Fitzsimons wrote a decent book on WRC. Mike Colman covered the SL in another good read and of course everyone should have read by now Gideon Haigh's excellent 'Cricket War' about WSC.


I prefer a subtle adjustment: "Beware, sheilas, England stars told":

Beware sheilas, England stars told

ENGLAND have been warned to 'beware the Sheilas' on their Ashes adventure.


Horn bag:

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