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Bugger all that malarkey: when are we getting our arses in gear re the SGW? I hear we have a T20 confection on Sunday. Could be test broadcast material.


Agreed m0nty.

Tony, I have great hope that the players will eventually militate for long T20 domestic seasons and short international windows, with the resultant reduction in time to play tours forcing out a lot of the pointless detritus. According to the FTP Australia is scheduled to play 19 tests and 29 ODI games in the 12 months after the world cup. That will take some doing, though I'm sure we'll find a reason to skip the Bangles and Zimbos tours.

The Compulsive Hooker

The bit I can't understand is this Sri Lanka series coming up - at least the Indian leg had a couple of tests! If I was Cricket Australia i'd want to play an A team and let the big guys rest up / play 4 day cricket! No disrespect to SL but as you say, it could be looked at as how not to do things afterwards if you fail to regain them.

For once England on the other hand have brilliant preparation with 3 fc games...

replied to your comment by the way - please forgive a bit of English crowing I'm afraid!


Speaking of Sunday's T20, I'm going to assume the target market isn't Australia. It starts at 7:30, Perth time... 10:30-1:30 in the East... but 5-8 in India.


Would love to think that the Future Tours (and whatever it morphs into) will deliver sensible scheduling, but I will believe it when I see it.

Sunday's target market certainly isn't Perth, what with no 'Gropers. And do WA have the two hour local time limit? "Perth viewers leave us now. Come on down to the WACA where it's all happening."


On the players thing, this is really interesting (and not at all surprising):

I say within 5 years somebody with serious money, their own tv network, and the balls to carry it out will challenge the ICC/IPL/BCCI, though they won't necessarily play in India where the government and the BCCI are joined at the hip. Maybe Europe or somewhere with boutique grounds and hours amenable to Indian prime time. I'd be shocked if a plan wasn't already sketched out in the offices of News Limited.


I think you're correct Russ. You look at soccer in Europe, they play so many games (league/cup/league cups/euro cups/champions league/europa league/world cups etc). It's all about filling TV slots, 'product'. A Murdoch will get the shits with the cricket boards/IPL, cut out the middle man and start something in England or maybe South Africa.

As you allude to securing the grounds will be a problem just as it was for WSC, but these problems can be $olved. Players seem quite happy to go to the highest bidder. It'll be interesting if a breakaway started to see if they stick to only 20/20 or maybe go with some longer stuff, possibly they could trial 3 day 'Tests'.


Fail to Regain. Great ring to that.


It's one good excuse anyway. Selection 'issues' might be another.

The Warriors have started winning. Getting rid of the older bowlers seems to have been a jolly good thing.

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