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My mum is obsessed with that pommy show Relocation Relocation. She used to force me to watch it with her every week. Silly Britischer middle-middle-class couples shopping for upper-middle-class houses.

After that, Unit planting outside his unit seems relaxed and comfortable.


All you need for the show is Margo and Jerry Leadbetter next door.

Big Ramifications

Haydos = Tardos

Professor Rosseforp

Disappointing that they didn't get him to do a classical music show called something like "Music through the centuries from Haydn to Hayden".
So we have Whitney (travel show), MacGill (food and plonk), now a gardener -- although Thommo did this years ago as "The naked gardener".
But this is all one way traffic, like leaguies to VFL.
How about a bit of movement the other way, bringing lifestyle show hosts into sports? Any suggestments?


I'd certainly like to see Gordon Ramsay as a captain.

Might not be too dissimilar to Jamie Siddons as coach.


Who's the fattest bloke in lifestyle telly? Make him the Socceroonies goal keeper.

Professor Rosseforp

Peter Cundall, gardener aged over 80, could replace Harry Kewell, as he seems to be fitter than Kewell and more able to take the field. Probably resident in Australia longer than Harry has lived, so qualifies for Australia.
Maybe Dicko in the Australian slips cordon, with Russ' suggestion of Gordon Ramsay as keeper -- tremendous sledging pair.


Kyle Sandilands at short leg.


Just by the by.

Sitting here at home tossing up whether to watch any of the tepid footy games on tonight and, while flicking, it occurs to me that the movie channels on Foxtel comprise THE greatest aggregation of shit in the history of visual broadcast mediums.


You've obviously never watched Channel 5 in England.

They specialise in Disastertainment.


But there's only one Channel 5.

One Foxtel channel has about one movie every two hours. That makes 12 movies slots per day. That's 360 movie slots per month. 4320 slots per year. There are 16 Foxtel movie channels (not counting the Box Office pay-per-view channels), which means there are 69,120 movie slots on Foxtel every year.

Out of that 69,120 you know how many slots are occupied by watchable movies? Less than 10. On a good year.

The Foxtel movie channels are a complete and utter fiasco.


Hads is out with an elbow.


On seeing the headline, I thought perhaps Haddin had discovered a good elbow. Sadly it appears that one of his bad elbows has become more noticeable than the other. On the bright side, Haddin's pain is Payne's gain.


Paine even?


Forget Klutzy's elbow. The really big news is that Voges is out. He must have lost those embarrassing photos of the selectors.

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