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Hopefully, "Barmy Army" translates into Russian as something unspeakably ghastly about interfering with goats.


A month at Stalingrad eating corn kernels sifted out of their own shit might be marginally tougher than a year at an English boarding school, but it would put them off their repetitive chants.


Nazi sympathising Tory MP (There were loads around in the 1930's) says Hitler must be a decent cove, and not a vile anti-semititic meglomaniac, because he likes cricket...


There was recently an interesting doco on TV about Prince Charles Edward, one of Victoria's grandsons, who was sent to Germany to take up a dukeship (is that a word?). I'd never heard of him before and as far as revelations goes it was more interesting to me that anything The Sun comes up with about John Terry or a Big Brother contestant.


Just discovered Rothermere owned both The Mail AND The Mirror.

Big Ramifications

I'm calling horseshit on that story.

[on preview] Bah! Was that second part of your post always there, Tony? That'll teach me to wait over a week before I comment.

The timeline didn't ring the BS alarms for me. The - how shall we say - cuteness of it all sowed the original seed of doubt.

But the clincher was the oft mentioned "re-written rules." To quote Superintendent Chalmers: [meekly] "May I see them?"

The author seems to know an awful lot about them. How they favour violence, for instance. But he only teases us. There are no details forthcoming. Also, the conveniently lost scorecard is a bit of a give away, too.

ps: Hitler was an odd fellow, but I must say he steamed a good ham.


They rewrote the rules for Sri Lanka, no reason Germans can't have their own modified rules as well IMO.

Big Ramifications

Although the pun of a last sentence had me doffing my cap in appreciation.



Not just IYO.


What pun?

Big Ramifications

Hitler has only got one ball,
Göring has two but very small,
Himmler has something sim'lar,
But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all.

It was a very famous song around WWII time. It was set to a popular military tune, so I believe the Brits used to sing it while they were marching.


[I saw that doco too, Tony. It was compelling stuff.]

Big Ramifications

Erm, that post was answering Tony's question, just in case you're wondering.

Check the last sentence of the Times Online article.


Gotcha. Hitler was looking in a mirror, right? The Mirror.

Big Ramifications

That "popular military tune" being the tune from The Bridge Over the River Kwai.

Big Rammer's mum

So, WWII soldiers were singing ditties about Hilter set to tunes from 1957 movies?

Big Ramifications

Christ on a pogo stick, mum. OK then. The tune is the Colonel Bogey March and it predates WWII by a good 25 years.

Now quit ya whining and check this scene. It's in the Pantheon:


Fellas, tell me ya suddenly don't feel the urge to march up to Bunnings to get some lumber to build a large outdoor table.

/or at least just the marching

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