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Aren't ALL appointments political? Some just more political than others? (with apologies to Orwell)

Tony T

If all appointments are political - and there are few more political environments than the ICC, give or take the odd IOC or FIFA - then it's entirely appropriate to appoint an experienced politician.


Deep down does anyone really believe any of this means anything? To borrow from Stalin, how many divisions does the el Presidente of the ICC have? Personally i have no idea, the politicking of international cricket doesn't interest me, Im content just watching the game. Do the people who opose the Howard appointment really believe he will have any net affect on the game?


Cam, quite right. The ICC is like the UN, almost completely subject to its member states wishes. But there is a little leverage, related to tournaments and accreditation for games. I'd like to see an ICC President wielding power - well or not, it doesn't matter - just because the ICC needs to be more powerful for cricket to expand and grow.


CricAussie's key mandate - "Don't offend India" - will see that Howard doesn't tread on any subcontinental tootsies.


I'm fine with Howard as ICC president. He's used to being a political figurehead who allows the real decisions under his watch to be made in Asia.


Deep down does anyone really believe any of this means anything?


This decision is really, really, reeeeaaaaaally going to annoy a lot of people.

And that brings me joy.


But if you mean will Howard effect any great change Cam, I wouldn't expect so.

One of Spanksters many contradictory points was that the role is essentially titular. Kinda like a modern sovereign opening ceremonies, shaking hands, smiling, waving, all that sort of thing. In which case why'd he carry on like such a pork chop about the whole thing? (We all know the answer to that).

But every back slap that Johnny gives or gets is gonna hurt Spanky deep down in that parched desert he'd liken to his soul. Every one of them will mount till he explodes again next season with one of his mad woman's sh*t articles he defecates at the age and smh.

I can't wait already.

Only one person would've been better. The Member of Werriwa, Mad Mark Latham. Now there's a fella who knows how to shake a hand. Love to see one of his back slaps.


Isn't the next ICC president from India, with Howard to follow? How come no one has criticised the fact that an Indian, with no doubt tremendous pressure from the BCCI with the looming shadow of T20 over the whole game, will pretty much have the game in his hands over the next period when it's probably at its most fragile... Test crowds dwindling, one-day cricket almost dead, a West Indies side that could go belly up at any time, threats of terrorism, you name it. Will cricket become so 20/20 focused that these things will only get addressed when something goes wrong?

Whilst we all hope he can steer the game through this, I think this is more important than what Howard will bring to the game after this.

Big Ramifications

Just throwing one out there:

If ex-politicians shouldn't use their standing to get involved in sports, then should ex-sportsmen use their standing to play politics?

"Some of Australia's highest profile sportspeople and business leaders have joined together to fight the Federal Government's approach to asylum seekers...

IAN CHAPPELL: I first got involved was around about the Tampa crisis and was annoyed the way Australia were treating those people. I thought it wasn’t a very humane treatment..."

//I found myself subconsciously saying that in a Billy Birmingham-pretending-to-be-Ian-Chappell voice

Big Ramifications

When I saw him interviewed last night he still had the shiny bald dome, but his "side bits" had too much volume and were in need of a bit of a trim. He looked quite comical.

I can't remember what TV station it was, but included in the report was a none too sly dig that basically said: There's too many immature beeotch Indians running the game. I almost choked on whatever foodstuff I was consuming.

Big Ramifications

This decision is really, really, reeeeaaaaaally going to annoy a lot of people.

And that brings me joy.

I got spat on the last time Howard won a Federal election. It was by accident, mind you. The Monday after the win, a refugee loving, freedom hating, terrorist sympathising, save-the-gay-whales work colleague delivered a frothing rant to me about the typical Australian voter.

It was almost surreal. He just bailed me up and let rip while I was quietly going about my business.

So yeah, I hear ya, Pat.


Anything that pisses Ian Chappell off is fine with me. He might know a fair bit about cricket but he's a giant knob.

The Don has Risen

I have dealt with Howard previously. He is a bad appointment. the original NZ nominee being much superior.
If you want a cricket loving ex PM than Hawkey is your man.

He was an excellent Chairman whereas Howard wasn't known for this.


I reckon they would both be as good as each other.




On the other hand Kim Beazley was apparently a pretty good cricketer.


And Rugby Player too fwiw.

The Don has Risen

Hawkey had an oxford blue and palyed grade cricket for a short time

Big Ramifications

dogs upya

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