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I refuse to write VIErA.

Samir Chopra

Tony: Nice shill for Panasonic.

Warnie's Twittering with Modi should have given the game away a long time ago. "Arse-kissing" is the (hyphenated) word that comes to mind.


Hah, got you by four inches. As the bishop said to the actress.


If you like watching golf then the Masters is coming up. The HD gives you a lot more detail of the slopes and elevation changes around the course that I never knew were there until I saw them in HD.

Ch10 footy in HD is excellent. CH7 footy in HD is shit in comparison. I don't have HD Foxtel so I can't comment on that.

Pedro the Ignorant

I bought the same Panasonic plasma as Tony.
The pimple faced youth in the shop showed me a very good demo DVD of various sports compared on a plasma screen and an LCD screen.
The LCD tended to show jerky movements when panning following a ball. The plasma was much smoother.
He waffled on about colours of flowers and such, but watching a red cricket ball soaring through the sky in beautiful HD was enough for me.


Arse-kissing and the memory span of the fly. I think Warnie convinces himself of stuff the moment it comes out of his mouth.

The Old Batsman

Jacques Kallis in HD, sweating... Terrifying.

The Don has Risen

Sorry chaps but 20/20 slapstick is NOT cricket moreover you cannot compare batting in test cricket with this form of 'cricket'.

I have a Sansui LCD and my boys watch this rubbish but I have to be honest and say I find it boring.


Speaking of shill, Samir.

Pedro is spot on about plasma v. LCD. When I told the salesman I was looking for an LCD telly he said I was mad. "Look at them," he sneered. "Rubbish!" (Probably says the same thing in reverse when the circs fit.) Then, when I told him I mainly watched sport, he all-but threw the plasma into the back of my car. But I already knew plasma cooks LCD; the former is crystal, while the latter looks weird, like watching a movie on your computer screen.

Still, it's all about the spundoolix. He pretty much sealed his commission when he gave me a massive discount, and then chucked in a $400+ Bluray player for nothing. (It was part of some promotion.)

PS: I do believe Monty has an LCD, which goes to prove the old saying: "It's not the size of the boat..."


Mike Selvey:

Shane Warne's praise for Yusuf Pathan's 'flogerama' is an insult

These days, getting intelligent, dispassionate comment from Shane Warne is like using Fox News to form an opinion on the state of the world. But, on the back of some staggeringly hyperbolic nonsense from him this week, I switched on ITV4 on Thursday in time to catch the batting of the Rajasthan Royals' Yusuf Pathan. It was truly comical.

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