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Feist among equals?


Your going to be inundated with requests now.

Hangover Black

That picture hasn't done wonders for your anonymity.

Tony T


It's an open invitation. Well, almost open; I would draw the line at inviting Osama, Kevin Rudd or Brendan Fevola. If you're in Melbourne and want to watch the cricket at the MCC, email me and we're there.


There are a lot of pictures of me on the AGB. Happily all of them do me justice, just like in Samir's photo. That's him on the right in the green shirt, and I'm the Indian bloke on the left.


Tony i was thinking of suprising my Dad and brother with boxing day tickets (i'm in Brisbane), how much notice would you need to secure tickets given it's an Ashes year?

Rudd actually spent a few years at my old school. They paid his tuition because his family was in tough times. He didn't like the place, it's very sports orientated, and won't mention it now because it's one of those schools the newspapers describe as 'elite'!

Hangover Black

"There are a lot of pictures of me on the AGB."

Must've missed them in the back catalogue.



Boxing Day Test tickets go on sale in July. No pricing or availability details until then. There will most definitely be a rush for day one, maybe also day two. Can't remember what happened in 2006/07, but I seem to recall it was tough to get tickets for Boxing Day, there might have even been a raffle. I don't go to Boxing Day, anyway; it's a shit fight to get seats, drinks and there are pissheads everywhere. Any day other than BD and I should be able to fix you up.


Back this catalogue:

A player.

A pundit.

A 'pology.

A Paris.

One of those wasn't me.


So thats NOT really you in the third one then Tone?

From what I remember of last Ashes over here, people had to join some "Cricket Australia Family" email thing that gave them first chance in the raffle for tickets. Well those tickets not already snapped up by Barmy Army type tourists.


Kickass! Dibs on a pass to the MCC section for the Boxing Day test? Or don't I post enough to qualify...

Tony T


Just give us the word and you're in.

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