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That's the difference between Siddle (has "it") and Bollinger (doesn't).


Is "it" stress fractures?

Tony T

And "doesn't" is his own hair.


'Whenever they feel the need to impose themselves on a contest they overdo the agro.'

That's because they are acting unnaturally. They are both talented softies like James Anderson. He doesn't get involved in argy bargy as he is wise enough to know he has not got 'it'.

Ambrose only had to look at people. Andy Roberts didn't even have to do that. He exuded menace fielding at third man.


I'll take that back. I'm not sure Watto is behaving unnaturally. He has always been a whiny git if I recall rightly.


Wasn't sure where this should go but seems to fit the "biting the hand that feeds you" theme.


Wasn't there 11 Englishmen playing in the 90s? Vaughny must have a short memory.



I know where you're coming from, but I would prefer it if the Poms picked Poms, not professional blow-ins. In fact, I would have preferred it if we never picked Chopper Wessels.


Vindicate, I'm not sure what you mean? England hasn't been all home grown since mid 1970s. And I only cite that date because I don't know enough to say otherwise.


The Poms would have been able to throw together a pretty reasonable Foreign Legion from Tawny Grieg through to Bedwetter.


Their team in the 90s contained all sorts of imported talent who had their moments, but ultimately flopped: Hick, McCague, Mullaly, White, Hollyoak, Caddick, Smith. There are probably more.


Bit harsh on Caddick and Smith their Tony.


Maybe on Smith.

Caddick should have been A LOT better than his respectable average of 30. All too often he lost his mojo.


Nasser Hussain said that Caddick didn't like pressure too much. He said in tight spots Gough was always up for it and wanted the ball but Caddick got nervous. That may be propaganda though you can never tell with ex-skippers.


Tony, so would I - we'd still have the Ashes.

Russ, I don't mean purebred poms (Is that an oxymoron?) with their ancestry stretching back a dozen generations all having lived in Blighty, just ones that have lived most of their life there and played only for England such as isn't the case for Trott, Pieterson, and Kieswetter.

My point was that Englands team in the 90s was, as I recall, pretty ordinary in general. If Vaughny wishes to return to those days then by all means bite the South African hand that is feeding the English cricket team.


Vindicate, right, but as Tony noted, those 90s teams were fairly full of imports too. Most of them struggled, but Hick, Smith, Caddick and Mullally were mainstays of that struggling side.


Caddick didn't like pressure too much.

The best ODI innings I've ever seen was Bevan's in the Asia XI v Rest of the World XI at Dhaka, Bangladesh, 8 April 2000.

Bevan hit 185 from 132 balls at 140.15 SR pretty much a lone hand for the World IX chasing Asia's 320.

If my memory serves me correctly, though Caddick supported Bevan well with 23 from 32, he blew it under pressure and ran himself out on the last ball. I forget how it happened and can't find it on Youtube but it was Caddick who capitulated when the winning runs were there to be taken.

World IX lost by 1 run. Phenomenal innings from Bevan against a great Asian attack: Akram, Vaas, Razzaq, Kumble, Chucker and TLM.

I haven't seen TLM's 200, and though no doubt historic and impressive, TLM didn't compile it chasing a massive total nor was it a lone hand.

This innings by Bevan to my thinking was the pinnacle of his ODI career. None better.


A good write up of it here, Michael Bevan Day.

The run out explained:

Caddick stole a bye off the first ball of the final over leaving Bevan who was now on 168, to score 19 runs in just five deliveries. He whacked three boundaries off the next three deliveries from poor Abdur Razzaq. The crowd were in a state of shock, and concerned faces were reflected both in and out of the field. The next ball Bevan drove, coming back for the second, a direct throw from Robin Singh ran Caddick out, who did not ground his bat while running in. A six was now Rest of the World's only hope of victory and Michael Bevan tried his best, lofting the ball over long off, falling just a yard short of the ropes. It was a boundary, but not good enough for what could have been the greatest one day victory of all time.

Had Caddick not been run out, the match would have been drawn and Bevan's fantastic effort would have been rewarded.

That's it, Caddick ran in with his bat in the air. It was stupid, lazy and unforgivable. All Bev's brilliant effort ruined by that Caddick idiot.

The thing about Bev unlike Dog is that Bev nurdled when he needed to, he compiled and brought his teams back into contention when all seemed lost, and when rquired to hit boundaries he could and did. Dog no longer can hit boundaries for some reason. His nurdling is Bevanesqe but that is where the similarities end.


Caddick has been on the AGB shit-list for the best part of a decade:

Andy Caddick's fine when the going's good. As it was early when the Aussie top order were getting themselves out. When the heat's on though, he turns into one great big grey-haired pressure bunny. Those last two overs of his were soft as big soft pink chewy confectionery.

On the very next ball Andy Caddick lamely fell into line behind a nicely stroked, but hardly scorched on-drive. How do you take your coffee Andy? "With marshmallow thanks." Do surprise.

See how I did that? "Best part of a decade" versus "seven years". Naughty, no. Won't be long before Rudd and Brumby are fighting for my services.


Even better yet, what about "Caddick has been on the AGB shit-list for the best part of a tenth of a century:". Bloody hell, now that's a long time!

Been out for a morning swim down your street Tones? I hope you and the mrs survived the downpour in tact.


"Caddick has been on the AGB shit-list almost since the last millennium."

I got hit on the head by a hailstone as big as a golf course.


A hailstone as big as a golf course.

Hate to have been under that one.


Strewth, is Mitch a Caddick clone? No, I think he's better than that.

Big Ramifications

I worked with Mullaly's mum at Myer. Feer me! [A late middle aged Pommy woman working at Myer? Hard to believe, I know.]

Hollyoak [the least talented one] managed to kill himself and almost took out his girlfriend less than 2km from where I lived. Fanged it out of a Freeway exit. Rolled. Got airborne. Landed on top of an 8 foot high brick wall. Rolled along the top of the brick wall for a bit. *Darrell Hair slowly raises finger*


Daryl Harper would have given it not out.


That was on the south perth freeway entry ramp if i recall correctly.

Not all of the Australian cricketers are bogans. The biggest bogan in the side is Hilfenhaus.

A good many of the side come down on the wrong side of the TISM test.

You're a yob or you're a wanker -

Take your fucking choice

So who is your favourite genius

James Hird or James Joyce?

You ever seen a live performance?

Join the wanker club

You thought I meant table top dancing?

You're a yobbo, bub


'Lou calls the Aussie cricketers overpaid bogans.' And that goes double for their media-friendly birds. Michael Clarke can't run home every time the Bingle gets weepy over the 'wrong' sort of exposure.

He can't be our next captain, it's too embarrassing.

Big Ramifications

Close, Yobbo. South Perth Freeway exit.

The wall was a couple of sets of units before the servo. The servo being directly over the road from The Windsor Hotel.

The cover of The West Australian had a grainy pic of the ex future mother in law screaming her tits off next to the wreckage. She was following in a separate car. Classy, classy stuff by The West.


Totally agree with you Lou.

This Bingle/Dog thing is embarrassingly ridiculous.

You can't just leave a tour because the girlfriend had a nude photo (with rude bits pixelated) published in a paper, especially given that she makes her money from modeling pretty much in the nude anyway.

ffs. That's why he's leaving. ffs.

Get him out of there for good and replace him with someone who has a working pair.

Big Ramifications

A partial screen shot from the Herald Sun article from a coupla days ago:


Very cute. Was that you, too, Max Markson?


The future face of CricAussie... not in the hotel with his team, but on a plane to a g/f (or wife, whatever) that has a ridiculous personal issue.

... disgrace! Grow up!

Pidgeon worked on through harder times, didn't he?

Big Ramifications

WAG backlash? Finally? I sense a change in the wind.

IIRC that fat loudmouth cow, Mrs Phil Edmonds, started it [in terms of cricket teams]. DEMANDED to go on tour and stick her beak in.

One of the English Football players has told his missus to stay the fark home during the World Cup. But then he added the worrisome rider “...unless we make the semis.” **Sorry, no link and I can’t remember his name but I didn’t imagine reading it.

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