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I was thinking he must have been really biased to find Pommy plays in the final, but then I realised you were talking about last year's 4 nations tournament, not the year before's WC.

Tony T

Is that right? I didn't know they had so many league tournaments.

Tony T

By the way: Glen, Jakovich.


Brian would have been better off attacking Phanto, who is a lickspittle of the lowest order.

Tony T

Just retire, Bill.

Big Ramifications


Tony T

Butt head.

(What film/s?)

Bad spelling should have been baned.


The Pommy commentator is Mike Stevenson ..... Steevo.
One of the most idiotic and bitter fools ever to walk the face of the earth. My cat can give a more intelligent analysis of a game than he can - and regularly does.
He played for Great Britain and was a legend in his own mind.
Came out to Australia to Play for Penrith (back in the 70's) and won precisely nothing at all.
He didn't have the skills to make it in the Aussie comp and is still a bitter and twisted little man to this day.
He hates Australia and Australians and wastes no opportunity to bag them.
Odd though that he still has a house in Sydney and spends the summer there every year.


Is he related to Roebuck then?

All though I don't think Spanky wants to go back to the UK. West country cricket lovers would be waiting at the airport to give him a kicking.

Tony T


Thanks for that. You've no idea how many times I've googled for the likes of "biased rugby league commentator england" and "english league commentator hates australia" and "clown".


He definitely doesn't sound like Spanky. Not unless Spanky, when on sabbatical in the UK, hides out oop north.

PS: I notice Craig Kieswetter went to Spanky's old school, Millfield.




No worries Tony, as a UK resident originally from Sydney, I guess I can bring the occasional Rugby League insight to your august blog.
Surprised that googling "clown" didn't immediately return a link to Stevo as the number one hit. I know that there is some real competition out there, but come on, he has to be numero uno.

Big Ramifications

He comes up number one for "clownshoes" on Google.

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