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Watching the tide roll away?


Yeah, gee I wish there was more Netball on the ABC.

ffs, this cosmos fella is just trying to cadge a root by showing his cultural and social awareness to the world. Gettin his femsympathetic and world music credentials out there.

What'd be better is if ABC Digital created a station dedicated to herbal cosmos dickheads and their ilk so they can listen and tick off all the whiter than Whitepeople status points daily one by one. That way the rest of us, the majority, can get on with what we enjoy without being bombarded with sporting irrelevance.

Just my pov. Back to Tones in the studio.

Big Ramifications

I used to watch the netball for Jo Morgan. BOOM!

Big Ramifications

Put your farking boutique beer down for 5 minutes and update your superb [yet scary... so very scary] blog, patard! Immediately.

Or sign me on as a co contributor. Or something.

Big Rammer's mum

GYOFB, son.


It's Tim Gavel not Tim Gable by the way Cosmos, you pencil necked geek.


Is it really?!? I always thought it was Gable, too.


He's a mate of TWJ's, Tone. Met him once or twice. Seems a nice fella. He's got a mortgage over ABC Canberra radio though. TWJ and I call ABC Canberra "Radio Gavel".


Tireless Tim Gavel:

Who do you most admire in the sporting world?

Golfer Tiger Woods. He will continue to dominate the sport for years to come.


Anybody else hear Dennis Commetti's throwaway line during the footy commentary last Friday..

'Tiger Woods... we all thought he was trying to beat Jack Nicklaus' record, turns out he was aiming for Wilt Chamberlain's record'

The Don has Risen

is that what is called black humour

The Don has Risen

Some of my all time favourite radio happened back before we could watch the Ashes on the Teeve when it was played in England.

I was over at a mate's place to listen ,yes listen, to the ABC giving us the BBC cricket.

It was raining and McGillers and Fred Trueman were in full entertaining flight and we were all in stitches over our cans ( Was it gold KB and silver bullets?)
The climax was Freddie then enlivening us to German bombers over England during WW2.

Fantastic to listen to and there was no cricket


...we were all in stitches over our cans ( Was it gold KB and silver bullets?)

You've got me beat Don since beer canning didn't begin in Oz till the 1950's.

I'd say you were drinking long necks of Reschs DA or a quart of draught if you went to your local for it to be filled prior to going over to your mates place since that was the take away style back then.

The Silver Bullet is a Reschs Pilsner which wasn't first canned till the 60's from my knowledge.

Maybe you've got your wars mixed up and you were actually "listening" to the Ashes via Semaphore Flag Signalling at the outbreak of the first war in the Great Game, whilst sipping beer through an Afghan's loin cloth?


Though I'd reckon that'd be hard to forget.


Cricinfo has crashed while India try to wrap the Yarps up...those big bats and more skilful tailenders have a lot of chewed fingernails to answer for...no wonder Afridi chewed the ball.


Rollerboy does it. Yay. Not. I'm conflicted, I don't know who I dislike more. Where's that ball lightning that hits the field of play gone?


Although I wouldn't bag Amla. No reason though.



'The Indians quickly break away to run and congratulate Amla on an outstanding innings'

Fvck off.


Andrew 'freelance' Symonds fvcks Monkeygate and any chance of free tickets to the soccer World Cup in one interview...

"India is one of those countries I have never felt intimidated in," he said. "Even when the crowd starts getting a little bit uppity. I have always felt like I could get shot or stabbed more in South Africa. I have never felt that in India."


Late breaking retraction:

After submitting Don's post through my home patented Enigma Machine the output suggests I have completely misread his post.

Don wasn't in fact listening to Freddie and McGilvray commentate an Ashes Test from England during The Battle of Britain whilst drinking Silver Bullets and KB Gold with his mate (all historically impossible), as I mistook his comment to mean.

It certainly is the makings of a great story though.

I humbly fall to my knees and beg forgiveness. Don... I'm sorry.

I think this should serve as a lesson for everyone.

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