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The Old Batsman


great spot on that Harper quote. I suspect if Shane Watson keeps opening for Australia, there'll be lots more in the next decade too...!


It's pretty obvious that techniques have changed considerably too. You rarely see top order batsman bowled any more, because they simply stand in front of the stumps. Its much more common to see them being bowled off an inside edge or off their pads. It has to be an extremely good ball to sneak between bat and pad nowadays.

The only bowlers who take wickets clean bowled on a regular basis are spinners.


And then there are the tail-enders.

Used to be the top bowlers, generally the ones employed to clean up an innings, would come on for the coop of grass and skittle the tail: bouncer, bouncer, yorker, out. Not so now. Tail-enders can bat far better; they are far better protected, so they get behind the ball; and they are much less likely to run away to square-leg a-la Rodney Hogg at the WACA all those years ago.

The Don has risen

This merely shows most Umpires are mostly ex-batsman.

As an ex-fast bowler I have no problem and never had a problem in giving out batsman LBW if I thought it would hit the leg stump after-all that is the law!!!


Try telling Billy Doctrove that the leg-stump even exists. Or even middle for that matter.

I will hold a grudge against him for his non-raising of the arm in Cardiff for ever.

The Don has risen

One thing that has occurred to me is that more batsman hit across the line now.

When they miss LBW so there are more at the level I umpire.

If the bowlers could swing or cut the ball there would also be more bowled


Harper obviously not studying the technology that closely...

1221: SA 107-3
Swann now - drifter, some sort of noise, huge appeal - is that out? Prior and Swann are convinced, Colly absolutely certain... but Daryl Harper says no! They won't refer this one, not after the not-given edge against Amla, but let's have a look.... Lord alive, clear edge. De Villiers knew it too. Harper you cl - hold on a second, was he stumped there too? Prior had the bails off, and it looks like AB's toe lifted out of the crease as he did so. In conclusion, de Villiers was out TWICE that ball, and yet he's still in. Discuss.

(from the BBC commentary, SA vs Eng, 3rd test)


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Right on, brother. Keep tellin' it like it is.


Sorry I lost it after egg.

Are those the new Myki instructions? First two and last two words seem to confirm it.

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