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Good doosras are illegal - i.e. ones that take wickets. Bad ones are not. QED.

Big Ramifications

It's mic, not mike. Pet peeve ranking #323, but still a pet peeve. Dogupyaz.

Roebuck is a shit-stirring knob end. I just wonder whether he is fully aware of it [eg. Stan Zemanek] or blissfully ignorant [eg. Brucey Ruxton].


Geoff Lawson said yesterday that he got him tested as the Pakistani coach before he played any tests. He said something like "he bends the arm when he bowls the doosra but it's not nearly as bad as some other bowlers"


So far:

1) PR: If the doosra doesn't take wickets it's OK.

2) GL: Ajmal is not as bad as others.

3) BR: Dogupyaz

Chucking in a nutshell.


I think that is one of those fabled set of choices popularised by one Cometti, D - i.e. "third of two options".


Roebuck has no credibility. You can tell from his overblown writing style, he is your garden variety fantasist.


I give Roebuck a pass for his writing style. He went to Millfield, his parents are teachers, and he did... sorry, read Law at Cambridge, so overblown writing style is in his genes. Some of what he writes offends me way more than his style.

He can give "willow wielders" and "leather flingers" a spell, but.

Pedro the Ignorant

Ajmal. Another chucker (albeit part time) who will never be called by an umpire in Australia.
Blind Freddy can see his "doosra" is a bent elbow hurl in the direction of the stumps. It ain't bowling, but no doubt Spanky would like to give him some lessons in the sauna, the cheeky little monkey.


If it walks like a chuck and looks like a chuck... it probably is a chuck.


Damn it, TK! I can't believe I never thought of that.

Colin Campbell

I feel satisfied if I can determine the difference between a spin bowler and a seam bowler. My wife was asking me yesterday what a doosra was when we were watching the cricket. I can now proudly describe it as a chuck.


CC: Or a back chuck if you feel like equivocating.

Big Ramifications

Up chuck.

Big Rammer's mum

Yes, I know.


But i believe in this-and it's been tested by research
That he who fucks nun will later join the church

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