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If we had lost to Pakistan it would have been the greatest ever cock-up. Since the last one.


Once you start losing matches like last night, matches you have wrapped up, you know things have gone down the toilet.

Big Ramifications

Steve Waugh's was the greatest catch ever. Sorry: evarr.


Technically not a catch, since he ran behind the sightscreen.

Big Ramifications

It said "caught" on Tawny's scaw cawd. That's all you need to know, big fella.


That was my favourite greatest moment on my old Commonwealth Bank Classic Cricket Highlights tape when I was a tacker. The catch Geoff Marsh took at short leg off Peter Taylor when he had the ball smashed into him and somehow it stuck was another great-est one. Abdul Qadir (pronouncer car-da now apparently) ripping massive wrong'uns past our no hopers in the 80's was awesome too. You were able to run blokes out at cover then too, circa Border and Clive Lloyd.


I know I have some highlight memories from the 80s. I just can't remember them.

the Don has Risen

this is the greatest column involving the greatest load of baloney.
I say this with the greatest confidence on the greatest day I have ever experienced


Don, greatest ever comment.

Big Ramifications

I really hate to give props to a commentator for adding to a great sporting moment, but I loved it how Tawny Grieg totally creamed his dacks. I think it was genuine astonishment, not a put on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU1ku6B4ONI

Steve Moneghetti commenting on Andrew Lloyd's win in the 1990 Commonwealth Games is another that springs to mind.

Big Ramifications

And because this blog is all about me, I may as well add...

I've always like these two from Veletta. This standard of catching was ahead of its time, plus I kinda liked how he got all floppy and paraplegic on our asses at the end.



This one has always stuck in my mind, too. Great catch, but also because of that crab, Ian Healy's, actions from go to woe. *Mine. Nah, too hard. Shit, should have gone for it. What, Tubby's gonna try and catch it? Please catch it, Tubby. Yaaaaaay!!!*



Not a catch, but this has provoked a fair amount of debate chez Carrot lately....


As in "just how good WAS it?" I'm going for very, very, very good. At nudging 140 kph what's more.


Don't ya just hate it when ICC Development (International) Ltd pull vid-joes from Youtube.



Try this then. Not as long, but the same footage.

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