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Big Ramifications

The only thing worse than being thrown out of a nightclub is being thrown into a nightclub.

Too funny. On a number of levels.

I'd like to see that happen. It would take two blokes, I reckon. Two big coconuts. What would be the reason? Just random passers by? What would be the method? Half Nelson? One hand on ya neck, the other clenching the back of ya dacks, maybe? Who would employ them? The council? Would they be free agents, maybe? Would there be a struggle? Would there be pleas for leniency? So many unanswered questions.


Standards have dropped.

Warney would have taken the bankers on Bruce Lee (circa. Fists of Fury style, and still had enough time to dart up a packet of Peter Stuyvesant, down 10 pints and pick up 3 birds before the bouncers got to him.

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