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The Don has risen

Gimme a break.

He whinges about umpires not giving LBWs and goes by Hawkeye.

okay he is better than most on 9 but most of the English commentary team are better than he


Warne is okay. But he's not as good as Athers. About par with Nasser.

Pedro the Ignorant

Haydos (on the ABC) should remember that it is not all about him. The "me, me, me" stuff getting tiresome.

Apropos of nothing, I have been fiddling with my shiny new digital radio to try and sync the ABC Grandstand commentary with the Foxtel images, but it isn't going to happen. The digital radio signal is even further out of sync with the action than the standard AM signal.

I miss the good ol' days when I could mute out the Channel Nein morons (apologies to Saint Richie, PBUH) and listen to some semi intelligent commentary from the ABC/BBC in sync with the TV.

Nein continue to be utter bastards with this delay. The $$$ rules, and the peasantry vill vatch our ads and listen to hasbeen commentators (apologies to Saint Richie, PBUH).

The Don has risen

Give me Aggers and Roers anyday


Warnie is okay, his main problem is that spin is his answer to everything. He doesn't realise that most spinners aren't as good as he was.

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