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That article contained this gem: Legend has it Elvis Presley invented the remote control by firing at pistol at his television when lounge singer Robert Goulet appeared.

In googling, there would certainly seem some truth to it. "Goulet himself was aware of Presley's pistol-packing critique, and took the matter with good humor."

Haydos not that great. Chappelli was excellent. Gillespie goes alright. The rest of the radio crew very easy to listen to.


Radio crew much better than the TV guys - but both far superior to the Channel 9 clowns. England look to have self destructed - with Athers, Botham, Holding, Flintoff, Langer, the media, and Uncle Tom Cobbley all rushing to sink the boot. How has it gone so badly for them that they need to moot Ramprakash and Trescothick, a half (or less) fit Flintoff, neverweres (Key) or youngsters we've never heard of (Trott)? Only our shithouse play at crucial junctures has kept the Poms in this series and only our playing to our potential will win it for us.

ps : don't shoot the screen

The Don has risen

the BBC is much much better. Boycs is a treat however Bil Hayden is downright boring.

SBS almost got it right.
Macgilla is good value and yeah yeah is the X factor.
What they need is a decent presenter to stop all the nicknames and the rest.
Bring back Simon Hill. He might only know about the beautiful game but as Dirty harry said a man needs to know his limitations. and he knew his.


The "know his limitations" quote is a pretty fair analogy.

The best thing about Simon Hill, and good "presenters" in general, is this: one) they know they are there to present, not make special comments; and two) they know they are there to throw to (and cleverly elicit responses from and probe) the people who are employed to make the special comments.


MacGill is a special comments man if ever I've seen one - don't think I've seen anyone else able to fit themselves into any sort of conversation and pump up his own tyres as well as he can. They could be talking about potatoes and he would pipe up with "when I was playing Test cricket we had a potato salad once at Tassie, fantastic. Only reason I remember is that I took six for that day".

Hill would be good at getting those sorts of gems out of him when its raining.

Big Ramifications

The fella who does After [Before] the Game is good like that. Consummate professional, almost to the point of being an introvert.

He's surrounded by comedians, and not once have I seen him try and yuk it up. I reckon 99% of media personalities would fall for the trap "I'm on a light hearted show with comedians so I better try and be funny."

/can’t remember his name
//same goes for the Lane girl on the same show, does her job well
///slight tangent there


It's Andrew Maher, Big Rammer. The show looks a bit lame even though its probably classed as "light entertainment" but agree Maher does what he should, leave the jokes to the "comedians". He is seriously boring on SEN however. Bring in Kelli Underwood?!

Watched the tailend of the AFL footy show last night for the first time in a while, Shane Crawford was breaking eggs with his head to set some sort of world record, then threw egg all over Lyon and Newman. Can understand that show's popularity......And the audience cheer for instance "Go Cats!!" and wave their scarves or elbow their pals next door who have opposition colours when their team is displayed. As my brother said "the things you see when you haven't got a taser". Well he might've said gun but we like to keep it topical.

An Irish mate who's not a footy head loves the On The Couch show. You can't beat sensible footy analysis without the vaudeville.

This is a cricket blog innit. Ritz for Clark the call. Pitch dependant sure, but risky I reckon.


BTW, heard Hayden on the radio being interviewed by Slater on his morning show. Came across as an arrogant t*rd. All I I I me me me type sh*t. Put me off my cereal. He'd fit in to the Ch 9 team perfectly. I'd say he wasn't well liked in the dressing room, except maybe that gnome Langer.


BTWBTW, David Lloyd was on the same show and Slater asked "do you have to address Botham as Sir Ian?" Lloyd said "oh heck no, we actually called him Sir Rosis, as in cirrhosis of the liver".

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