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Funny, i don't see Nasser Hussains comment just now that the English Batsmen need to go away and take a good hard look at themselves as being biased towards England. Rather I think it's pretty much spot on the money.
In general I think the analysis and comment the Sky commentators is pretty sound.
Botham can be a goose at times but otherwise the rest of them are pretty good. Yes they are former England players and will tend to favour England a little but so what? At least none of them are as embarrassingly bad as Bill Lawry.


Botham is a few years away from picking up the 'That wouldn't have happened in my day' mantle from Fred Trueman.

For some reason 'Bumble' Lloyd is considered to be a 'personality' and is close to becoming a national institution. I think he's an arse - his love of The Fall excepted. Puts the 'idiot' in the expression 'idiot savant'.

Athers brings a scholarly, analytical air - he's the Eeyore of the gang.

Nasser is very intense, and still seems to be playing the game himself. Occasional spats between him and Botham can be fun.

Holding is WAAAY past his sell by date. The slow Windian drawl was a novelty a few years back, now its descended into a permanent whine.

Trouble is, that there are no 'commentators' there - they are all analysts.

Just count yourselves lucky you aren't putting up with Bob 'Mad Aunt' Willis and Paul Allott.


Richie was one season away from embarrassing himself on air. Harvey must surely have been an arse for so long it outweighs his magnificence on the field. If you want an Aussie in the Sky box, get Lee in.


Are there any good "commentators" left that are suitable for TV? Where is Mark Nicholas this series? Surely he has to be a better front man than Gower.


I'd settle for any commentator who, when lost for an original observation, doesn't resort to solemnly and profoundly reading out the fuckin' score that's already on screen.


There is no one more cutting about England cricket and the Englishmen therein than Geoffrey Boycott.

Big Ramifications

Reminds me of the FUROR when Pepe Le Pew faced up and then reversed his batting grip during the delivery [in that ODI about a year ago]. "Furore" was the exact word used by a number of media outlets.

Then you take a step back and go "Hang on. What furore? When? Who exactly is furious?" To this day I still don't know the answers to those questions. The worst I heard with my own ears were some players saying "Um... we might need to check the rule book."

Most comments I heard were of the ilk "Good for the game" or "Too risky for me to try it, good luck to 'im."

Not wanting to go off on a tangential rant here. My point is: terms such as "amid claims" should get the bullsh*t alarms ringing loudly. I have zero respect for the mainstream media. I get all my sporting analysis from forums and esteemed blogs such as this. Sports section = Bird cage liner.


Of course, the ever reliable bitter and twisted comments of Neil Harvey. It'd be news if Harvey had something complimentary to say.

Speaking of hacks, check this list of the top 50 commentators of all time by The Daily Mail.

Hussein, Holding and Lloyd in at 30-21. Even Grigy cracks it at 47. Yoda romps home in No 1.

The English commentators on SBSs Tour de France, Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen with Ozzy Mike Tomalaris as compere are the best commentary team of any sport I've heard for a long long time. All round excellence.


Speaking of Bob Willis.

The camera lingered on him at one point last night and I found it surprising that not one of the commentators said anything. Do they hate him?


Speaking of the commentator poll.

Holding at 29? Tony Grieg at 47?

NO Don Scott?!? NO Terry Wheeler?!? NO Kate Fitzpatrick?!?

They're on drugs.


Don Where? Terry Whattha? Kate Fitzwho?

If Don Scott's the caller on radio 2KY then I have a fondness spanning back to childhood with the ever present 2KY "weights right at Caulfield" and the associated bell noise a year long accompaniment to Saturday arvos with my Grandfather.

Terry I don't know from a bar of soap. I see that Kate "In 1983, Fitzpatrick joined the Nine Network cricket commentating team in an attempt to add a more female approach to the game and attract female audiences. The move was not successful and she didn't return for the following season." I have no recollection of this. Amazing, I never knew. I hope they don't try that sort of stunt again.


That list is good reading. I do like the darts commentator 'They've got Shakespeare on Radio 2 but you can't beat this for drama.'


Don Scott and Terry Wheeler are Aussie rules "commentators" while Kate Fitzpatrick is Kerry Packer's friend, in a way.


Wonder if Ian Botham (We don't have to say Sir here, right? Only good thing Gough Whitlam ever did.) will chuck a tanty for not making the list. I mean, Nass, Mikey, Athers and no Sir Ian...

I can't stand Peter Alliss, by the way. He's a massive suck.


I love the english darts commentators whenever they say "wooon-undred-and-ayyytayyyyy!!"

I like Beefy's "chats" with Hussein. He keeps his back turned to Lord Nasser and only makes eye contact with cursory glances over his shoulder, but mostly just ignores him only acknowledging Hussein's thoughts with a few well timed derisory snorts.

The Old Batsman

Boycs is on the radio, Test Match Special, and still great value. Jim Maxwell's on there, too. There are lots of politics involved in Sky's non-employment of Boycott and Mark Nicholas. Warnie will be in the Sky box on thursday. He missed the first test because he was playing poker...

David Barry

pat, Phil and Paul in the cycling are well past their use-by date. They make loads of mistakes, and their cliches grate more and more every year. I'd like them to swap with Matt Keenan for a stage or two, so that Keenan calls the last couple of hours instead of the first couple. And don't get me started on Tomalaris. As a cycling journo he's either woefully incompetent or dishonest. Before last year's Tour, he wrote a blog entry saying that the Tour would be completely clean.


Why is this blog talking about cycling?

I hate you people!

Big Ramifications

I like Beefy's "chats" with Hussein. He keeps his back turned to Lord Nasser and only makes eye contact with cursory glances over his shoulder, but mostly just ignores him only acknowledging Hussein's thoughts with a few well timed derisory snorts.

Beefy is a 50 year old boofhead acting like a 20 year old boofhead. Him and Chappelli are STILL arguing over what happened in that fight 30 years ago.

Grow the fuck up, Beefy.


I'm a new to the tour Dave and in that context I find them entertaining, knowledgeable and passionate. But I take your point. I suppose an Ashes Newb would be fascinated by stories about Beefy and ChappellI whereas the year worn and weary have had enough of it.

Here's a story you may not have heard Biggie, bout Marsh and ChappellI. I first read it in "ChappellI Has the Last Laugh" (or something like that - it's around here somewhere) and the story was called "What's Up Cock?". This line oughta get you reading - "So I casually reached across the bed and firmly squeezed his penis."

Hopoate had nothing on ChappellI.

Big Ramifications

Yep, got both his books for Chrissy / birthday presents and I remember that story clearly. Ashamed to say I remember a lot of the stories clearly.

[Chappelli laughs again was the other?]


Over here, you only tend to get called 'Sir' if you insist on it.

Which means that Botham insists on it.

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