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As a rule, I think, openers make poor commentators, being men of limited thought process via natural selection. Straight bat is as straight bat does.

I suspect I am going to hate MacGill when he inevitably starts crapping on about how Australia's spin stocks are much the worse off for him not being there. Or he'll pump the lads up to say it on his behalf while he smirks enough for you to want to kick him.

Martyn strikes me as intelligent, well-spoken and polished, which means he'll stick out like a country la-la among that mob.

Is it just me or does the ABC have an editorial policy of hiring bogans? It started with that ex-Bulldog bloke about ten years ago who had the mullet. Google fails me on what his name was.


mOnt, I believe that was Danny Southern was it not? Snake handler, rough-as-guts backman?

Anyway I'll probably give SBS a listen when we are flying and I want entertainment; they'll more than likely be giving it to the Poms and probably to each other. Put Skull in there and you'd have a near riot.

But when it inevitably gets tense, I'll probably go back to the Fox team who will hopefully be able to tell me what's happening.

As for ABC, they were ordinary this summer and the addition of Dizzy does nothing for me, but Haydos is a bit of a wait and see I think.

David Barry

I would guess that the ABC callers will be the BBC guys and Maxwell. I think Mitchell's gone on leave at the moment, I saw some story about a difference of opinion about their coverage of a rugby league game recently.

Tony T

Was never able to work out the ABC's fixation with Danny Southern. Just because his hobbies were out there, which probably fit the ABC's inner-city trendoid demographic, didn't mean he wasn't a complete dud as a commentator.

I remember Glen Matchell saying something like "see you in a month" after the Aussies got bundled from the T20. Has he had a blue in the meantime? Not that it matters too much. Jim Matchell only has to occasionally refer to himself as Glen Matchell and you'd never guess one of them was missing.

Big Ramifications

Those 3 characters are all intriguing in their own way:

McGill: I've only met one guy in my life more camp and fierier. Fiery, camp guys are an absolute laugh.

Marto: Anyone remember his Metabolism Centre adverts? And how about his strange retirement? And his retirement speech writer [how was payment extracted, er, I mean made?]. And then getting booted out of his own house by his missus. How does that work?

And his odd looking head. Munted and goofy looking, yet strikingly handsome.

I’m surprised he’s bobbed up at all. I was expecting him to become a recluse.

Mo Matthews: Was advertising wigs way before manscaping and male grooming became mainstream. Yeah, I could go on but I think we all know Mo.

Sorry, I mean yeah yeah, I could go on.



I've added an update to the bottom of the post.

Read it.



Right he is.

The Don has risen

In 2005 SBS got it right.
Simon Hill, a very competent sports journalist and commentator anchored with short sharp 'expert' views from Deano and Mo.

It was very enjoyable. Too much is made of ex-test cricketers. It is one reason why Channel 9 is sooooo bad.
Ex- test players can give commentary but get someone less to do the actual calling of the game.

McGilla has the knowledge. I suspect Marto is too much of an introvert for the Teeve.

Of course if the cricket is either boring or like 2005 fantastic it won't matter.


Like Don says, Hill was a good counterpoint to the other two in 2005. But in terms of calling commentators apart from him, no one else instantly comes to mind. (Is Slatts over in England this time? Probably he'd fit in ok to that lot) Gotta remember too I guess in 2005 they used the Pommy commentary and only needed to have special comments in between play and when they rarely lost the sound feed.

In other points, Australia's Ashes may be over before it begins as Slot gets 5 wickets in a tour match and is instantly regarded as unplayable. Cue no ball drama in first test as he reverts to slot bowling to better bats and gets carted.


The theory on Mitchell, and I stress it's a theory - no idea if it's true - is that he wanted to go to England to do the cricket, his bosses wanted him to stay in Perth to do the footy. He said "bugger you" and, with 100 years in annual leave owing, decided to take it in the middle of the footy/cricket anyway.

Ophuph Hucksake

Hmmm, looks like Haydos spent all the time with his family that he needs - now it's back on tour. Or are WAGs allowed in the commentary box?

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