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No one with a brain reads the Mail - it's full of sh*t, as is Piers Morgan. In contrast I thought that Simon Barnes article was pretty reasonable wasn't it?

Seems to me all this is just an reflection of something you mentioned fairly recently - the English inability to sledge. The enthusiasm to say something cutting but funny is there, but we haven't quite got it, so what comes out is often pretty low and/or inflammatory.

If you think about the Aussie ex-players we English most love now, they're the players we used to love-to-hate back when they were playing (because they were so good). Surely not coincidence that the player getting most stick now is the main (only?) serious match winner you have left?



The Barnes article WAS good, for a change. It was just a scene setter. It's the second and third articles that as more relevant to the current climate.

The "cutting but funny" is over-rated. You probably noticed that every time you read a list of the best sledges, they just about always contain the same sledges.

This is not a coincidence.

For every clever comment said by any cricketer world-wide there are approximately 1,439 stupid, boorish, nasty, boof-headed, ugly, unfunny mouthful's of abuse.

sid smith

There's nothing unusual about the English attitude to the Ashes this year, except that we think we might win.

Certainly the teasing of Ponting, Johnson, etc, is nothing compared to what generations of Poms have suffered at, say, the MCG. (I know that some Aussies START OFF off by resenting the Poms, and therefore think that any abuse is a fair return -- but that's because they've swallowed that Gallipoli bollocks.)

As for Piers Morgan, he once took several punches to the head from Jeremy Clarkson -- and if that knob Clarkson thinks you're a knob, then...



Aussie crowds tease Poms!?!



When England have a chance of winning, English support extends beyond 'traditional' Test supporters to the 'man in the street'. He normally watches football, and we can see the sort of behaviour and banter that occur there. I certainly think the pressure on Johnson and Hughes, and the abuse handed out to Ponting is the equal of anything we've ever handed out to Murali, Smith, Cullinan et al (not complaining just noting).

I still can't wait for the Third Test - but it seems the weather will win! Looks like even the Gods prefer the Poms this time around!

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