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Samir Chopra


Mickey is a joker. Last year, I wrote a little piece over on Cricinfo on his tips for succeeding in India. I included my ten "tips for success in Australia from Mickey Arthur". It amazes me that people take this sort of mumbo-jumbo seriously.


Tony T


The Mission Statement of the modern coach is to formalise the bleedin' obvious. Mickey seems a very modern coach.

Of course, the main reason it made the papers again (Ben Dorries has been missing from the News Ltd stable since our Indian tour so maybe he missed it first time around) is because there's nothing a journalist pressed for deadline likes more than a list. There's the column right there.

I agree with your piece at DF, although I'd take issue with point 4: Hold your catches (the Australians will hold theirs). See here for why.

Samir Chopra

Tony: I think when I wrote that piece I was going by past glories and clearly had forgotten the catching horrors of the 2007-8 series!

Back to coaches: I think Fletcher, Arthur and Buchanan have been particularly egregious examples of the modern coach. Thus far, I'm glad Kirsten hasn't pontificated too much - but then, he hasn't had to. I'm waiting to see what Flower comes up with this time around (but did you see my piece on the English team's bonding exercise i.e., their trip to Flanders?). Note that after Buchanan met Flower yesterday, he said "We also talked about England's trip to Belgium, which was something I took a fair bit of interest in." The trip to Flanders had Buchanan written all over it.


Today's tour game live on Foxtel. Worth a look.


Hilf and the owl not playing - must mean they are not in contention.

FUCK!! That means Brett Lee is in the XII. It means Ritz needs to look bloody good to keep him out as I don't see him creeping above Sarf in the pecking order. Or is that just wishful thinking?


Wishful thinking Bruce. We're going to go to Cardiff with an under-prepared Johnson and Siddle, supplemented by Ritz, Lee and the part-timers.

Alternatively, Ponting is selecting the tour games, and the selectors will do the sensible thing come the 8th.

Big Ramifications

Sarf? Ritz? The farking Owl??? This place is turning into a cozy old club like The Worst of Perth.

As one who prefers the main AGB to AGBCricket [I'd much rather read about Tone's latest crossword adventure or the latest faux pas uttered by an AFL media personality] I'm finding these nicknames increasingly difficult to decipher. I only figured out who Paper Cut was about a month ago, now 3-4 more have got me scratchin' my head.

I wuz about to suggest a permalink to a list of names for n00bs to refer to... but that would be rather toolish, non? I better just toughen up, look for some clues, and work 'em out for myself. I'll treat it like sudoko. On a blog. With letters.

Tony T

Big Ramifications is a nickname, n'est pas?

Big Ramifications

Parlay voo Fonzie? Wee wee?


Perhaps a glossary might be in order to make it virtually decipherable for non-Australians.

David Barry

Virutally decipherable.

Big Ramifications

Perhaps a glossary might be in order to make it virtually decipherable for non-Australians.

">http://aftergrogblog.blogs.com/cricket/2009/06/taking-the-mickey.html?cid=6a00d8341cb34453ef011571947b34970b#comment-6a00d8341cb34453ef011571947b34970b"> I wuz about to suggest a permalink to a list of names for n00bs to refer to... but that would be rather toolish, non?

Big Tone's dilemma, if I may be so bold:

a] provide a list [or glossary - a much better term, cheers for that].

Too wankerish. Here's a glossary of what we mean but we're not gonna say what we mean you have to go and look it up coz we want to be all Aussie and blokey and use nicknames hey get me a beer while you're up, Lob-Starr, cheers!

b] Don't provide a glossary.

WTF is this? This got recommended by http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/ as a good sporting blog and I haven't got a clue what's going on. What a steaming lode. I'm nevarr coming back.

Big Ramifications

The solution is, of course, to occassionally let one slip and say "Paper Cut Watson" so n00bs like me can get up to speed. But I'm not here to solve your problems you'll have to work it out amongst yourselves.

I'm off to read the main AGB. Have you heard the latest? Heals is being a bit cheeky with the definition of "AFL."

Yes baby, yes!

Virutally decipherable.

Correct. Get it right, Bruce.

Get a grip, Biggy Baby. LOL, ya loose bustard.


My fingers refused to misspell.

Shall be watching the tour match closely tonight. I know plenty of other keen observers will be too. It may be the highest rating first class match of the year.

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