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I dunno how hard it is to pop your head into the coaches door and say "Tiny Tim, I'm just heading down the pub to watch the State of Origin."

Seriously, I subscribe to some of the reports saying that he was keen to take the cash for the IPL, but knew something like this would probably be the straw that seriously injured the camel.


Then again, why tell the coach if he's just gonna say - Nah mate, I think it's an early night cause of training tomorrow.

Sideshow is paying the price for poor form. A couple of 200+ innings in the last year and we woulda heard nothing.


Well fuck me but is this the lowest point that manhood has sunk to in the history of having a dick that HANGS between men's legs rather than pokes surreptitiously when no one else is around and twinkles its way out for a tinkle at a tree? [BIG mansized exclamation MARKS!!!!!]

Well fuck me did Roy get shitfaced!!!?? WTF!!

A bloke!

Getting pissed???

Well I fucken well never heard of such hideousness. What'd he have three schooners and a mixed drink (oooooooo I shudder).

I hope that Roy comes back and vomits over the entire Australian Cricket Board, Association and every other administrative, marketing, journalistic etc ...CUNT!!! that is having a go at him. Get Fucked the Lot of you fucken shrivelled scrotums.

[TT: Gawn!]

Tony, abstinence has addled your brain son.

Roy's a sportsman. He plays cricket. He's not leading the nation, he's not creating the next budget or drawing up warplans. Further more if he was I'd hope he'd have a few more just in case.

Imagine that purse lipped puritan Rudd, nannying his way about the Nazis or our purer than pure Journos and sports associations taking on an enemy who wants tpo rip our hearts out.

What have we become. A bunch of gutless, wet, oozing Manginas.

The proof is in the ton. That.is.all.

Anyone who can read or has men friends knows exactly what the fellas got up to in the old days and it isn't that far from now except we're a lot fitter.

This is a sick joke on all men.


As 2Bar said above, if Symonds was presenting a clear cricketing case to be included in the team, perhaps his liking of a wee dram (or 20) would be overlooked. Surely Warnie scored more maidens than Symonds has middies? But...he's a wanker when he's drunk, and thick as a brick when he isn't. He signed a contract not to drink in public - and he ignored that as well. So good luck and goodbye Roy - I wonder how much drinking he will get done in the IPL?


That wasn't a go at you Tony btw.

There is a major disconnect going on between having a cock and being a sportsman.

I don't think they need so much scrutiny. What else should they be, all apologies? Boys want to grow up to be men and not the nation, race and gender traitors we have in parliament now. Sportsmen play sports and this is pretty much it but get examined like the Gallipoli campaign was riding on it.

I want Kerry O'brien, Jabba the Hut Oakes, the entire ABC, the Labor party and all their Union hacks scrutinised. I want the Public Service drug tested on arrival and departure. These c*nts run the country not Roy at a pub. Wise up people and stop being so easily whipped.

I want every journo cavity searched for methamphetamines and punished viciously if found carrying.

That would improve the nation.

The hypocrisy in this community is rising like bile on cricketer at 5am at the Bat and Ball Hotel.

They used to idolise Keith Miller yet Roy is probably a better man from what I have heard.

Roy is just a cricketer.

Pick on Rudd. Roy won't be the cause of our childrens debt and our escalating taxes 20 years from now.


Christ Almighty. I've been thrown so off skew that I even used the phrase men friends, worse, a phrase that I have seemed to have coined all of my own volition.

I apologise unreservedly and beseech all readers to remember that God created us with paraphanalia worth honouring.

There is no such thing as a man friend, only a man bag.

I meant mates.

Tony T

"Tony, abstinence has addled your brain son."

Au contraire. The phrase you are looking for is "solid citizen".

As a SS can I just say this: fvcken 'ell!!

You can't come on this internet and start firing off like that.

Pull your head in.




If Roy had taken a leaf from Tony's book - he would have a CA contract at around ~$750,000/year for the next couple of years. You could double that in endorsements. When the IPL milk goes sour, he will be drinking that as well.


As 2Bar said above, if Symonds was presenting a clear cricketing case to be included in the team, perhaps his liking of a wee dram (or 20) would be overlooked.

Rubbish. Last time he was dropped (fishing incident) he was in great form.

It's really over-the-top. Symonds fought really hard to establish himself in the test team. He's twice the player of at least 3 of the current ashes squad. Last I heard he hasn't done anything wrong except getting on the piss now and again.

This sort of over the top forced role model bullshit gives me the shits in AFL too. These guys aren't santa claus, they are normal blokes who play sport for a living.

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