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Oh come on!
by your definition Tait chucks, Lee chucks...
you just don't mention any australians, I wonder why?

Tony T


Where you come from do you have an expression "tongue in cheek"?

But for the record.

Aaron Bird chucks it.

Andrew Symonds chucks it.

Lee chucked it, but he doesn't now. I wish he did chuck it because it would make him a half decent "bowler".

Tait chucked it, but I haven't seen him bowl for ages (and nor has anyone else), but he's rubbish, anyway.

The Don has risen

EVERY fast bowler chuck an occasional one.

Have a look at Lindwall or Larwood in slow motion however at natural pace it is very hard to pick it up.

The obvious chuckers such as Murali or Griffiths do chuck and it is easy to pick up.

Bear in mind it take some confidence to call chuckers anyway by Umpires in any sort of match.

Having been there I have nothing but the highest regard to umpires like Darryl Hair who did it in the heat of a test match.

Tony T


True enough.

No umpire will ever again have the balls to call a chucker.

And can I just point out for the 23,584th time: the general incidental flex in a fast bowler's arm is NOT the same as the intentional structural fiasco displayed by off-cheaters bending their arms to get extra turn.

That said. When Lee and Tait were looking for extra pace they had more than general flex, they were just chucking.


Botha chucks, there's no two ways abound it.

Oh wait, apparently there is. And that's outlawing his doosra, which is in itself a ridiculously stupid move. Let's see them try to enforce that.

For the record, Aaron Bird never does seem to have any intention of actually bowling the ball. He plans to chuck it from the outset, so it's not fair to compare him to bowlers who try to craftily disguise their chucking because at least they put some effort in.


We need to put an FAQ up for the Bobs of the world who fail to notice every time we call for the removal of Aussie chuckers as well as other team's.

Most of us here are not just anti-Murali. We are equal opportunity chucker-outers.


Elliott has since submitted his report on Botha to the ICC, and recommended the bowler "review his own ... action on a regular basis to ensure his elbow flexion levels are minimized and kept within legal limits."

This is the most ridiculous part of the whole situation. Botha should monitor himself to make sure he isn't chucking!?!?!

Well I suppose nobody else at the game is going to do it


Telford Vice must have had this ghost written by Dan Brown.


'The news loomed like a mugger in a dark alley for a player who had risen almost stealthily from mediocrity to the ranks of the respected.'


"Johan's arms aren't straight when they hang by his sides. They are naturally bent at the elbow. He has a natural deformity."

I'm stunned.

"He said he had found that a lot of bowlers from the subcontinent could bowl the doosra legally, but not Caucasian bowlers,"

Now I'm really stunned.

"I can pick his doosra, but whether he throws it or not I wouldn't know,"

Boucher, in his application to be Rudd's new PR man.

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