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My recollection of what Greatbach said was 'Stick that up your arse Tony Greig'
Which is even better as I like it when names are named. (Apologies for the pedantry).

Ann oDyne

" Jussst ... remindingus .... he'ss dropped a few ... thisss seassson."

OK I roared laughing.
Ican never see him without revisualising the D-Generation Richies.

the Don has Risen

Richie should have called it quits sometime ago.

My favourite is Richie in 2005 saying it took quite a few overs for the bowlers to make the ball swing ( that is orthodox not revers). The VERY next ball swings and he says nothing sensibly.

Tony T

Saggs, with all due respect, politeness, deference, etc, I am almost certain Greatbatch said "Stick that up your fucking arse!" Also, Richie's reply was very much like Anne wrote it, with all the necccccesssssary sibilance. But Greatbatch was saying it to Tony, who had been his main critic that summer, who happened to be sitting next to Richie at the time, who seemed quite taken aback, and who said nothing at all, sensible or otherwise.


The best Richie for me was in a One Day state game at the Adelaide Oval. The SACA, in their wisdom, had built these ridiculous retractable light towers (great thinking...), Richie was commenting on them "they have built these marvelleous towers that don't spoil the asthetics of this beautiful ground at all. They take about an hour before they become fully erect". Muffled laughing in the commentary box for a full minute or two where in the interim a wicket falls but no one can pull themselves together to comment. After which Richie is first to speak "appropriately Alcock comes out to bat". Muffled laughing and no commentary until the end of the over.


Good news:

VETERAN umpire Steve Bucknor, who was at the centre of the bitter and controversial Test series between Australia and India last year, will retire next month.

The 63-year-old Jamaican has stood in a record 126 Tests and over 170 one-day internationals, but his last engagement will be the third Test between South Africa and Australia in Cape Town from March 19 to 23.

And bad.....
“I have notified the International Cricket Council (ICC) that the South Africa versus Australia series will be my last Test series,” Bucknor told The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper.

“The third Test match in Cape Town will be my last Test.”

This guy will go out like Butch and Sundance. LBWs with it hitting the bat (pow!), caught behinds not given (whamm!), caught behinds with it flicking the shirt (boom!)......

The Don has risen


that is good but not quite the heights of the late great Brian Johnston and Aggers


5th Ashes Test, at the Oval 2005. Hayden and Langer batting well for once. Ashley Giles, the wheelie-bin, comes on to bowl, and straight away Langer goes after him, coming down the wicket and hitting him back over his head.

Richie: "now he hasn't quite got onto that..... [audible crash as the ball hits the seats some three or four rows back] .... "otherwise it might have gone for nine".

The Don has risen

I think it is trent bridge where Strauss and Trescothick were 90 without loss and Richie says something like England are batting well and do not look like getting out. Shane Warne bowls Strauss and Richie says until now

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