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I'll tell you what's Murdochian, your blatant cross promotion between blogs. I'm telling ACMA.

Tony Tea

Coming soon!

Wipeout AGB

Underblog III, it all began with a user-name and password.


I just don't understand oneday cricket, and I've mentioned this before, but... why do we bowl our scrubbers in the middle overs when we are defending small totals? (any totals?) Clarke/Hussey/White took 0/55 off their collective ten today. If New Zealand needed 56 with 7 wickets in hand with 10 to go.

If Clarke had bowled out the others, and they'd taken say, 2/35, then NZ would have needed 76 with 5 wickets in hand. Gettable off the part timers, for sure, but they need to force the pace with the tail, so not easy. Certainly harder than 56 with plenty of wickets in hand. And hell, if the best bowlers fail, you'd lose anyway, so what's the difference?

David Barry

I agree with that Russ. I think the popular perception is that if you don't have your best bowler(s) bowling at the end then the captain's screwed up. Having Michael Clarke bowl the 50th over is seen to be worse than losing before Bracken's bowled his 10 overs.

The Don has risen

Haddin is not much of a wicket-keeper thus far.

That said he can only get better.

Fancy having his gloves on front of the stumps and fancy the Umpire not calling no-ball


"So here I am, having just got back from a night on the raz in Tokyo and was trying to find out the rugger score, 30-7 great, I thought, we've stuffed the Italians again - until i realised I had found BBC's cricket pages!"
Tony England Fan in Tokyo

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