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ooh, incompetent Haddin has got his hands in front of the stumps again. Healy is giving him (and the umpire) a pasting.

Hangover Black

At least Haddin has the redeeming feature that he looks like he can bat on occasions.

Can someone remind me why White is in the team? Where's Joe the Cameraman with a "can't bat, can't bowl" comment when you need him.

One of Andrew Hilditch's wet dreams

We are waiting for White to have a Johnson like epiphany where he will bat like Symonds, slip like Taylor, captain like Vaughan and bowl like Warnie.

P Roebuck

Wet dreams? Yes please.


HB, I have no doubt White sometimes wonders the same thing. The selectors seem to prefer him as a spinner, which is just wishful thinking on their part. He doesn't bowl enough overs to have any form, and the sort of two-over pasting he got today is no more than they should expect.

The comments that John Benaud made with respect to Greg Matthews come to mind, that Mo was selected as a bowling all-rounder and failed, when actually his average indicates a batting all-rounder, who could have done a job in a failing lineup. White is a useful late order hitter; if he can improve his batting when he comes in after 25-30 overs he'd do a good job.

Our bowling in the power play is complete trash. What's with the repeated short rubbish and erratic lines?

Hangover Black

Cheers, Russ. For the number of times White actually comes off, replace him with either a proper batsman, or a wicket taking spinner. Right now we have neither. We're lucky Clarke had a good day with the ball. That 5th lot of 10 would have been ugly otherwise.


To be honest, White worries me less than the top order. The form of other players may have hidden it a little, but Ponting is in woeful form the past year. Averaging 25 in one-dayers (1 100, 3 50s). And he looks bad, lunging forward, getting cut in half by balls that seam in. His test form was alright but has declined to the low 40s, and his tons have been gritty forceful knocks rather than fluent. Maybe the form of the side is playing on him, but with Hussey also struggling there is a lot of pressure being put on the middle order.

Tony T.

Our power play rubbish was on display Sunday when Bracken kept hurling up slow, arm's length, waist high full-tosses.



Shocking shot by Ponting. Except early on, when his back foot carries him all over the place, Ponting doesn't seem to move his feet these days. It is all balance and Sehwag-esque shots through the covers. His feet aren't in place to pull anymore though.

The field setting in the power play was also a bit odd. 5 on the circle on the off-side, 1 in, 3 out on the leg. To The Hilf, Taylor wandered down the pitch outside off stump, clipped anything wide off off over cover, anything onto his pads safely into leg.


Oh, well done boys, horrific running. The commentators are blaming Hussey for turning blind, but Haddin is the one able to see, why did he bother turning at all?

Tony T.

Richie, intoning with the very greatest perspicacity: "I think Hussey turned blind then."

So what? Batsmen turn blind all the time. Running between wickets has moved on since the 1960s. Players are instructed to pick their best turning side, the one that gets them around fastest, and then make their decision once around.

That said, Haddin shouldn't have bothered taking a step back - there was never two in it.


Agreed Tony. You also get better power taking off if you stay low off the turn, then look up once you've started to go. The decision needs to be made before the turn. Haddin got there half a second earlier than Hussey and asked him if he wanted it, thinking he'd get back, but he should have realised with the short boundary that it wasn't on.


Why am I listening to nine anyway?

Tony Grieg: "Mid-on and mid-off are too deep, if they are going to save singles they may as well be saving fours".

During a power play!


"are not" that is


we'll lose this ...


OK, maybe not. But Bill Lawry is still a ... you know the word.

Tony T

Soufflé fork?


OK, so I just managed to get online for the first time in a week, and for some reason I can't get onto cricketwithballs. Where's J-Rod gone? Any ideas?

Tony T

Is this the URL you are using?


It loads fine here.

But Jrod must have included a shed load of active sh1t on his site, because it scrolls like a bastard.

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