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21. If you get a choice - take a Warner over a Warne any day.

Tony Tea

Dave Warner: Just a suburban six hitter.


A relentless shelling and monumental bombardment of mozzing by the Nein Team. Gibbs was gone from well before the 1st ball.


Geez. This is so humiliating for the Saffas. AB's dismissal is so beyond funny it's actually made me feel sad.


Things I've learnt so far:

1. Duminy is not a bad bat is he.
2. Tait is perfect for 20/20, because hes probably bored after bowling his two overs.
3. Umpires still make bad decisions, even in this form of the game.
4. Hodge will NEVER get another look in for Australia in any form of the game after tonight.
5. A game of 20/20 where the chasing side is 3/rock all is like watching the middle 20 overs of a one day game.
6. AB DV is going to be sore tonight. Who tries to pull 155km balls just short of a length?


Adsy is right. Tait is perfect for 20/20. Because the fact that he bowls three balls of complete shite per over doesn't compare badly to any other bowler being butchered off a good length; and the rockets he tosses in at other times take wickets.

Players get to 50 very fast, time-wise in 20/20. Good knock from Duminy though.

I still don't understand why the administrators persisted with power plays and bowling restrictions though. Their main role is to stop one-dayers being as boring as a dripping tap. Not exactly a necessary requirement in a slog-fest.

The Don has risen

20/20 is claptrap.

People should have to watch it for voting labour in the State election in NSW.

Bring on Feb26


Watching Hayden's retirement presser now. Bet you any money he is appointed, within a month, to some sort of position/ambassador role by Queenslander-in-chief K-Rudd.

Tony Tea

Has any new cricketer ever had the media coverage Dave Warner has had since Sunday?


Closest to the pin:

How many runs will Warner get today?

Bonus question:

How long before Warner is dropped because he can't clear diddly-squat, let alone the mid-wicket fence?

Gareth quesion:

How long before Krudd anoints Haydos, St Flatty of the Cookbook?


1. 11 runs. a single, a four, and then a massive six. The commentators will wet their pants and he'll get out two balls later.

2. Batsmen are dropped from the Australian team? I remember being in the stands for Michael Slater's first ODI innings. A blistering (for the time) four laden assault, that was also his highest score. He played ODI for four more years, but he was in the test side. I given Warner until the end of the IPL, when someone else will stake a claim.


1) I'm going for a duck - possibly golden. Then again, he'll probably get 50 in 5 balls.

2) He's got an IPL contract for 2 years, so he's in for the duration.

3) By Friday.

Tony Tea

That catch by the Duminator is the best this summer, with Ponting's second and AB's dive forward of Hussey third.


It wasn't bad was it. He is some player all round.

And then one goes over his head. Mind you, having stuffed his positioning, it would have been a freak catch too.

Go Bear.

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