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Can't stand the TV commentators: Tony Grieg should be shot, he's hopeless; Bill Lawry useless; Tubby OK; Slats OK; everyone else wouldn't miss 'em but they don't have to die. The radio used to use Gideon Haigh for special comments he's a thoughtful guy who knows somethin' about cricket. They could get rid of spanky and bring on Mr Haigh.


The bone, the white flag, the off-mic, the orderly and the cage.


Tony' not so bad. If you assume the exact opposite of what he observes, you'll be on the right track every time!


Greig, that is...

The Don has risen

what idiot has the sound on when the cricket is on.

ABC is MUCH better.

Has anyone noticed that former players seem to know buggerall about the technical side of cricket.

How many times has a 'former test cricketer' on 9 mistook cut for swing for example.
I think Nicholas is the best of the lot.

Tony Tea

Gideon Haigh would be good, but I would keep Spanky.

Get Drew and the Matchell Twins to draw straws to see who goes.


The problem at the ABC is too many bad ball by ball commentators and too many good special comments guys. It would be interesting to see how a good comments man (for example Henry Lawson) went if forced to do the ball by ball,

Tony Tea

I wouldn't get Gnome B.N. to do the ball-by-ball, you'd never get him to shut up and stop saying "MAGNIFICENT!" and "WONDERFUL!" and "SENSATIONAL!".

But yer right. Drew and the Matchells do BBB and the others fill in special comments around the country so they generally have a three-three balance. Four BBB and two SC might be worth a shot.


I suspect half the time Richie is having a sleep up there in the commentary box. But that's fine by me, at least someone up there knows when to shut up.

I can't stand the radio either, personally.

I often watch in silence. I do miss hearing the on-field effects, though. I wish someone would broadcast just the stump-mike and nothing else.

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