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Tony Tea

The Little (AB) & Large (BJ) intro continues to amuse.

Bushies batting.

AB forgot to say what Captain Mac had opted to do at the toss. Needs to take tips from Chappelli.

Blizzard caught by the Kat. Juggled it, in keeping with the tone.


Has Blizzard scored a run since he smote WA into the Swan river this time last year?

Tony Tea

Wade caught by Moses off Bird.


Only 8 for Wade, but it looks like he can bat a bit.

Tony Tea

Four byes.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Vics have scored at least 75% of their runs off misfields.

At least.


Is this on Fox? \

2/46 off 7 equals New South win.

If only we were fileding our best team: McCullum, Lance Cairns, Warne and Vivian Richards, we'd really show how this thing is done.

Tony Tea

Rogers caught at point off a leading edge.


Slow pitch.

Yep, it's on Fox 2.

Tony Tea

This ABC commentator has a dose of the Matchells.


Translates as:

"Drove it, slightly uppishly, about a metre off the ground, landed about 50 metres in front of deep mid off. Easy single."

Tony Tea


The ABC has gone to Drew at the tennis.


Just ducked in, 3/79 off 13. Hmmmmmm,

God it's good to be a Bluesman....winners always.

This one's in the bag.

Tony Tea

AB keeps referring to "Big Dougy Bollinger". Why, is 1.92 big? I mean, apart from "compared to AB".

Pat, tell yerself yer dreamin'.

Blue Hand baggers very soft, going down.

Tony Tea


Is it raining at your mountain lair? They just showed a sky shot and it was black as a dog's guts.

Tony Tea


Another wide not called.

NSW have umpire The Ox in the bag.

Tony Tea

Quiney caught at short fine leg. Good catch by Sprizig Moselle.


A handy 91 to Quiney.


Not even a Krudd inspired $4 Billion handout will save the the Vics now.

No rain up here Tones. Just a sweet sweet cool breeze bringing our beautiful kiwi, scratch that, Blue Boys home.

Tony Tea

Stock tip from Kruddler: invest in Tabaret.

Take off Crossthwaite's helmet and you will find it's really Gautam Gambhir.

Tony Tea

Hold that thought.

Take off Crossthwaite's helmet and you will find a dickhead. Stop the smartarse shots, ya peanut.

Tony Tea

20 Overs.


New South Otago are gawn.


Now it's time to feel the wrath of Dominic Thornely!!!!

Just doesn't seem as threatening as I'd hoped.

Tony Tea

Sudden Impact on Movie Greats.

"Who's we, sucker?"


Who's this McCullum clown? SR of 16... Joke.
Nice 4 though.

Tony Tea

This Hughes bloke goes alright. Has anyone suggested he be in the Test side?

Tony Tea

McCullum caught behind and walked. That's unAustralian. Harwood was the only one, apart from McCullum, who thought it was out.


Umpy wasn't going to give it out.

Tony Tea

Hughes bowled by Hughes... Merv Hughes, that is. "All it needs is a wicket for the game to change." Out.


Nannes, actually, but thanks Merv.

Tony Tea

The Kat caught on the deep cover rope off Nyce Bryce.


Nyce, Bryce.


The only thing that can beat New South now is New South. Like Superman fighting Clark Kent - it's all in the mind. If you think you can or think you can't your right. Vince Lombardi, Barrasi, Jack Dempsey, Struggle Street, Alan Jones. Reach for the stars but keep an eye out on your back pocket just in case. These are a few of my favourite things.

Sorry about that. Just clearing the cliches from my throat.

The BEST thing about this game is that I don't have to fear the Mozz. The Mozz and I are won. New South in a canter. Neigh!!!!!

Tony Tea

Henry Eeks caught at long-off off Nyce Bryce.


Stupid shot from Hughes has started a mini collapse.


Required Run Rate 10.00.

We're gone!

Tony Tea

You're home.

Tony Tea

Roehrer's on fire.

A NSW win is not in doubt.

Tony Tea

10 runs needed off the last over.

Time for a hat-trick.

Tony Tea

Thornley bowled!


Only two more wickets needed for that hat-trick.

Tony Tea

NSW get up.

Never in doubt.

Especially with the umpire in their pocket.

Disgraceful wide call handed NSW the win.

CricAussie looks after NSW like the AFL looks after the Swans.

Back to Sudden Impact then.

Tony Tea

What a way to stuff up the presentations.

Good on ya, Tubby, ya goose.


Damn, fell asleep just at the moment of our crowning glory.

The excellent, ever vigilant, umpiring delivered a good and true result it would seem. Smh says "Shane Harwood's final over included a wide that missed leg stump by one-trillionth of an inch." and one can't bet help admire the accuracy of the umps these days.

Hughes to open in Seth Efrika. New South to tak the IPL by storm. Go you mighty Blues!

Tony Tea

At CricAussie the 2008-09 Playing Conditions don't contain any specific reference to T20 leg-side wides. Supposing, assuming and guessing that T20 wides are assessed the same as F50 wides, the laws for the Ford Ranger Cup state:

9.3 As a guide, a delivery that passes outside the leg stump without any contact with the striker’s bat or person shall be a Wide unless the ball passes between the striker and the stumps.

So the umpire, who shrugged, smiled, and all-but said "Sorry, Shane, them's the rules" when he signalled that last-over wide, was, as a guide, correct.

Far as I'm concerned, the rule therefore needs to be stiffened to take account of batsmen who walk across the stumps, like Roehrer did.

Tony Tea

And: Quiney picked the wrong time to give up clean, fumble-free fielding.

And also: Why wasn't keeper Crossthwaite up at the stumps for the last few balls?

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