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Tony Tea

Wonder if Channel Nine will pay out the inventors to prevent the delay being eradicated. Or if they will invest in technology to maintain the delay.


Don't mind the delay. I can knit, read, vacuum, give a blow job whilst listening to the radio and then if an important event occurs I can look up at the telly, wipe my chin and see the action.


The inventors will be 'disappeared' just like Max Walker was.


The best way around "The Delay" is to stream ABC cricket on the internet. The way I found it work was you have the options of Windows Media or Real Player. With WM the radio coverage happened a second or 2 after Ch 9 pictures. With RP it happened a bit before. When the radio coverage first comes up on RP it has a bar down the bottom which moves across the screen, so what you do is delicately click on the bar and adjust until the radio coverage is in synch with Ch 9 pictures. Difficult to do, so you need some patience. Found this out on Day 4 of the Sydney Test of course and was forced into it because WM wasn't working most of the Sydney test. Forced into it generally by fatheaded Ch 9 commentators, disgraceful KFC / Solo ads.

Tony Tea

The internet idea is worth a shot. Hadn't thought of it before now because my WM stream is not a couple of seconds, but around a ball and a half behind Channel Nine.

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