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The Don has risen

It is to the eternal disgrace that his allowed to 'bowl'.

however when I played I did get into trouble when I called chuckers.
I found umpires did not want to know about it.

I still get into trouble now when kiddies chuck.
Normally it is simply getting used to bowling but there is still some who simply chuck and their 'coaches turn a blind eye to it.

Chuckers get two advantages.

The ball jumps more than usual and it also 'bites more than usual.
A chucker cannot swing the ball nor swerve it.


It is a travesty to see a picture of the chucker where the pictures of Warne and Richards once hung.

Pedro the Ignorant

It is one of life's greatest regrets that this slug is still in a Test side, allegedly calling himself a bowler, and claiming world records.

I have loved the game of cricket all my life, everything good about it, the traditions, the gentlemanly behaviour on the field, the sportsmanship, in fact everything incorporated into that wonderful old world saying; 'That's not quite cricket, old chap".

Mongrels like Hanse Cronje and the google eyed chucker have shit on the game, and cowardly administrators have kissed the arse of the media moguls, the bookies and the money grubbing "entrepreneurs" who now claim to own the "franchise".

Well, fvck your "franchise" you grubs. You took a unique and wonderful game that was once a metaphor for a way to live your life, and turned into just another dollar spinning exercise.

History will not look kindly on you, you wreckers. Easy to tear a long standing tradition down, isn't it?

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