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Bird reported again today for suspect action. Sensible action by the authorities.

Tony Tea

Thanks, Rich. Noted and posted.

Tony Tea

Let's not beat around the bush, or call a chuck a "bowl".

Bird got cited, so Pik Botha should, too.


Heals seems to be calling it a "flick". That slow-mo a second ago was telling, as was the hawkeye showing marked differences in the height Botha releases the ball. He doesn't chuck them all, but he definitely needs calling.

Tony Tea

Ha Ha! Brilliant!

Heals is on to Botha's "flicking flight".

But Channel Nine just showed a front-on slo-mo of said delivery, and I don't reckon they will do it again in a hurry.

Update! Yep, spot on, Russ.

Tony Tea

They just showed a slo-mo of the "flight flicker" from behind which was just a damning.

Tony Tea

On the slo-mo replays Nine are trying desperately hard not to show Botha's full arm action, zooming in only on his hand, but every now and again they slip up and give us a good look at his "flicking".


I was intrigued by Mark Nicholas's pauses every time they showed his arm. It must be terribly distracting when you are trying to talk about something else.

Tony Tea

Nine have been at it for years: Hand Job. Their commentary is ridiculously compromised by the chuckers in the game.

The fact that Under 15 Degree Chucking has been legalised is a sick joke. Quite obviously the bowling coaches around the orb - Troy Cooley included if you judge by Sideshow Roy's rancid offies - have been experimenting with the 15 degree limit so that bowlers, and offies in particular, can get that little extra purchase. So what if they sometimes go to 20 degrees, 25 degrees and greater... it's a bluff worth making and a risk worth taking. No umpire will call them, and only the odd match official will refer the bowler for so-called remedial attention. Then if, on the rare occasions the bowler is cited, they need only stroll off to the bowling doctors, go through the motions under 15 degrees in the lab, and receive the rubber stamp that will allow them "bowl" again.

And do you think there's a chance in Hades Hot Bread Kitchens Botha will be cited, after he played a significant role in the Vark's win over Straya? Not on your life.

Come on, Mr Official, do your job properly and prove me wrong.

Tony Tea

In the last half hour, from three different IP addresses: botha a chucker and botha chucker and botha chucker.


Just saw some highlights of the Sris vs India ODI.

Ojha looks like another chucking orthodox spinner. There will come a point when a correct action will be a novelty. It will be scant comfort to me in my old age that I railed against it at the time and will probably be seen to be a grumpy old man when I tell my grandkids the new 30 degree rule is an abomination.

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M. zubair

it's a bluff worth making and a risk worth taking. No umpire will call them, and only the odd match official will refer the bowler for so-called remedial attention.

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