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Tony Tea

Hussey caught behind.


If, in SA and England, Hussey is confronted by the same precise in, in, in, away that Steyn is showing here, he may well be looking at his last year of international cricket.

Tony Tea

"Your end, Marto!"

~~ What Ricky Ponting did not say to Shaun Marsh, when a cruising Marsh was almost run out at the striker's end.

" ... "

~~ What Ponting DID say.


Marsh's nickname is SOS according to Croc of Info. Son of.....Swampy. Fair enough not calling him SOG. He needs a decent score.

Can't believe Hussey's decline. After that 100 in India's first test he looked impregnable. As you say Tone, he seemed to get dropped a bit in his earlier tests and made the opposition pay with a big score. Worm turning better bowling opposition and all that.

Tony Tea


As they say in lighthouses: "What goes around, runs aground."

Point of clarification.

When I wrote "Marto" I was referring to when a laconic - polite term for fvcken cruising - Damien Martyn was run out dawdling at Edgbaston in 2005.

Tony Tea

Ponting caught behind off Botha.


The worst 46 Ponting has ever made.

Tell ya something for nothing. Botha's action is not a whole lot better than it was in 2006. Maybe it's just when he's "bowling" a toppy.


Duminy, Prince, Ntini, Gibbs...Botha's just a quota player.

Tony Tea

Clarke caught at deep mid-on by W.G. The Tourist off Alby Snorkel.


A sitter despite Bill and Slatts soiling their pants with excitement.

Tony Tea


Porky "Hands of Stone" van Jaarsveld.

Tony Tea

Marsh caught behind off Porny Snorkel.


Slowish ball. Slowish pitch. Slowish umpire.

Tony Tea

White bowled by Botha.


Surprised White with an arm ball after an interesting tactic bowling sporadic high fullies.

Tony Tea

Hussey bowled Alby Snorkel.


Slogged across a full one.

Tony Tea

Hopes caught by... Hands of Stone.


Had to catch one eventually. Lucky it was straight down his throat.

Wanted to give the crowd a mouthful.

Thought better of it.


"Hey, Fatty, thanks for reminding us you've dropped a few."

Tony Tea

Haddin run out.


Had to run one out eventually.

Good work, but.

Tony Tea



Not a bad score on a slowish deck, helped by the Varks' charitable fielding.


Tait strikes.

Get him off.


Gibbs plays on while driving. I never thought I'd see the day...

Tony Tea

Gibbs bowled by the Hilf.


Deadly work from Tubby and The Dick. They even joked about the deadly the ball before Gibbs got out.

Gibbs had no chance.


Coasting towards a loss. Feels like the Perth test, but more boring.

Tony Tea

Fat Jack bowled by Tattoo. (Vale, Ricardo Montalban.)


Good work, Russ.

Not so good work, Jack.


I wasn't mozzing, we are going to lose, and I really am bored.

What in god's name are nine talking about? The big difference between Clarke's complete trash and his SGW was the speed, not the fact that the first was outside leg, and the second hit middle and off?

Tony Tea

I've been watching Dexter.

Tony Tea

SA are doing this easily.

Given the ease with which the Duminator bats, and our inability to get him out, he will end up the best batsman of all time.


Fvck me, the selectors have got another one wrong by picking Tait. What other opening bowler in world cricket can't bowl 3 overs in a spell without blowing up, and has to be "managed" by his captain to get through? Absolute joke.

Bloody Greig and Lawry were wrapping him up early after his first spell, saying how quick he is bowling; fuvk off. He's coming onto the bat nicely now.


They are doing it easy because there is no pressure. There isn't a player in international cricket who can't score at 7 an over on a flat pitch. The only way they won't is to get them out, which we won't, because the only way we'll do that is if they make a mistake. And the four batsmen who follow.

We need to take a risk, go on the attack and see what happens. Otherwise this merry procession will continue on its way.

25,000 fewer people at this game than the 20/20. It probably cost 20% more to run, taking into the length. That's a big financial incentive to pay the short form. I give one-day cricket until the next World Cup, after which it will slowly dwindle away.


In a better game...

KC Sangakkara c & b Shakib Al Hasan 59 (132b 6x4 0x6) SR: 44.69

39 off 41 required with 3 wickets in hand.


Bowled, Shakib, you future legend of the game! 39 off 39 with 2 wickets in hand.

Why don't we have a promising young spinner with a good head who can bat a little?


Adsy, exactly. Tait is rubbish. At best he takes wickets at a moderate average. More often, he gifts the opposition runs at 6 or more an over. The fact that he is so often mentioned in Ashes dispatches fills me with dread.

Tony Tea

Duminator, terminated.


That was unexpected.

Tony Tea

Boucher bowled by Tait


Even more unexpected.


Roll your tongue back in, The Dick.


Bouch gone. Massive chuck by Tait, but we'll take them any old how.


Shit, that actually wasn't a bad ball.


As for young spinners:


Just look past the probable bias of the "journalist", and the fact a straight break leggie and a bloke closer to pension age than most cricketers is keeping him out of the Vic side currently. He could be good in the future.

Tony Tea

Hands of Stone Jaarsfeld run out by Ponting


One of your more regulation run outs. Hit it to Ponting, "yes", out.

Jaars having a shocker.


One day captaincy at its finest*.

Five overs to go, better bowl Rubel Hossain whose bowled 7, instead of the two spinners with 1 each. 20 slogged Murali runs later, Bangladesh are going to lose. If they don't get those last two wickets they were going to lose anyway. So why play by the numbers when they could attack?

* Most ridiculous.

Varks are choking like it's 99. They'll still win mind you.

Tony Tea

Macca out caught Ponting off The Hilf.




Safas on the take? No, thats a terrible accusation isn't it.

Ponting nearly did a VVJ, but thought better of it.

The Bangas lose Russ?

Tony Tea

Shrees got up. The Roof just hit the winning single.

Bangers on the take?

"I need to catch my breath folks. This has to be one of the most intriguing matches I have seen."


Varks can still win this. We still need wickets. The guys left can play. The irony is the power-play is forcing us to do what we should have done when Duminy was working singles, and now that we are in a position to spread a few of the field out a little we are forced to bring them in.

Bangas were undone by Murali slogging the quick in the power-play. Pity, but not undeserved.

Tony Tea

The Varks are home.

Two reasonable bats at the wickets and the batting powerplay stopping us from protecting the boundaries.

We need Donald and Klusener out there.

Awful fielding by Tait.


Safas on the take by getting people to believe they're on the take.

Usual Suspects.


Hilf you douche. You bowl into blokes pads with the fine leg up you deserve boundaries against you.

Tony Tea

Tait and Bracken on the take.

Tony Tea

Who will get first rotation? Hilf or Tait?

Tony Tea


Hussey misfields to hand SA the win.

SA should have won easily.


I didn't know that cough was contagious, but good stuff, makes the rest of the games interesting now. I'll go out on a fairly broad and stable limb and say that the media will say that Tait bowled well. Fvck off - 5 spells in 10 overs is not up to standard.


How odd. My 3 phone has just cut to the India-Australia test series from 91/92. Packed cordon, four slips, two gullies, short leg/silly mid-off. That's the stuff.

Two or three wickets short in the end. If you don't (almost) bowl the chasing side out they'll win.


Hilfenhaus was shizenhaus.


Way OT but I thought you may be interested. I received a 2nd hand book yesterday Australian Folklore (excellent source of Oz legends and allusions) and came across "More Fruit for the the Sideboard".

This is attributed to the 'Coogee Bunyip' Andy Kerr "one of the greatest of Sydney's bookmaker-showmen" so well known that "By World War I even the Germans knew of Andy Kerr. As the Diggers sat in their muddy trenches on the Western Front in France, the enemy in the opposing trenches raised a huge notice board. On it was written: "Westcourt wins the Melbourne Cup. Andy Kerr pays in paper money. We pay in gold.""

As for the saying itself, "It was a famous trademark expression he shouted when taking a bet from a mug punter on a horse he personally felt had no chance in the race.

Kerr's readiness to be on anything and everything led to such popular expressions as 'Go easy! Even Andy Kerr wouldn't back that!'"

Just thought the readers of AGB would be interested as I was in this expression, punned on above "Fruit for the sightscreen.". Betting against the Safas at the moment is certainly more fruit for the Betfair sideboard, so long as no one's on the take.


Typo should read: "Kerr's readiness to

on anything and everything..."


Get on Dirty Dirk Nannes for the Aussie team - good nut to get out Smith in the 20/20. Gotta be a better bet than Schizenhaus or Two over Tait.


And refer previous post for Holland also. Top first over.

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