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Why don't the Vettori's just accede to the Kingdom of CricketOz and solve everyones problems?

1. We get a gun spinner in Vettori, and will gladly accept Shane Bond back to open the bowling.
2. McCullum solves our opening one day spot, and test keeping dilemma should Braddin continue on his merry dropping way.
3. The Vettori's can actually win a series every now and then apart from random games where they play out of their skins.
4. They would be a fairly competitive state team.

As for today's game, I'll back the tie.


I heard Finey going off about that McCullum thing yesterday. The man had a point, if expressed in gutter dialect. NSW is pulling a fast one.

Hangover Black

Since it was brought up in your intro Tone, I thought I might see if anyone else heard the same as me last Sunday: I'm sure Heals called Morkel "Alby Mangle" in his first over or two.



Warner certainly looks like hes out on safari going after the Varks like this.


It is sad that the Age had to carry the arrogant lecture from Spanky today about how wonderful it is that McRingin is playing for the Blues. Apparently it's a new world order where teenage slumdogs from Mumbai are all that matters in cricket, and we shouldn't criticise because it's good for the economy in these depressive times, and NSW might win an Oscar, or a Silver Logie, or a Pura Milk contract. Besides, Kiwi in 1983! Also, Germaine Greer and the CWA, am I right?

Tony Tea


Can't remember where I heard it, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Heals last Sunday because I only saw about ten minutes.


You're a better man than me. I couldn't work out what Mad Spanky was on about.

Tony Tea

Studs just out.


Pretty good bowling by the Varks to limit the score to what it is now.

Pretty bad commentary by the egg heads. "This will easily be 300 plus." As soon as they say that you know that, once again, they have failed dismally to appreciate that there are two teams out there, one of which is bowling and setting fields to limit the score. Although, Marsh and Hussey M. getting out to soft dismissals didn't help.

Tony Tea

Kerry O'Keefe hit on something which has been bugging me since the First Test: The Duminator. I wrote before the series that losing Clark might be a blessing in disguise. Little did I realise how much we would miss him (guess I took him for granted), and how much SA would benefit by losing Prince. Who knew, especially when you consider the crabby way JP got out in the first innings in Perth, how much of an impact an unknown player would have on the summer.

Tony Tea

Tait run out.

All out 269.

Tait asleep.

Umpire, too? I'll swear Steyn broke the stumps with his foot before he hit them with the ball.

Hangover Black

Those middle overs wickets killed us. Very sloppy effort. Certainly should have made 300 (being 1/140). Shouldn't have been that hard to milk the runs - we've been doing it for so long, it's now called the "boring middle overs". This team ain't a patch on 2007 WC side.

Tony Tea


I just saw the dismissals.

Warner - needless
Marsh - careless
Hussey M. - sloppy
Ponting - lazy
Haddin - lazy
Hussey D. - poor shot selection

But they were all on the back of SA being well prepared, playing to a plan, and executing it.

For years we have been able to bat at our own pace. Not now.

Tony Tea

Two drops in the first over - now that is sloppy.

Tell ya what else is sloppy: Channel Nine advertising ACA then showing the croquet.

Tony Tea

Amla run out.


Reminded me of Rick Darling and Graeme Wood.

Hope a run out has the same effect on SA as it did on Straya.

Tony Tea

Gibbs going after Studs, and so far getting away with it.

Hope I wasn't out of line with that crack about Studs for Hilf.

Tony Tea

Four byes straight through Haddin - there's a shock.

Tony Tea

Well, this match is going down the gurgler in a hurry.


Might be time to get back to Battlestar season four, episode 1, which I was watching instead of the News and ACA.

Tony Tea

What idiot said "Whoever bats first will win"?

Tony Tea

Gibbs caught by Hussey... eventually. Belatedly.


SA still set to win at a doddle.

Tony Tea

AB caught by Hussey off Charles Brackett.


"Really good catch," according to That Tone. "Perfect position."

Absolute sitter, according to This Tone.

SA set to win at a bracing stroll.

Tony Tea

JP bowled Ritz.


"A goes-under," according the Drew... at the tennis.

SA set to win at strenuous ramble.

Tony Tea

Fat Jack caught behind off Larry Tait.


"Great captaincy from Ricky Ponting" according Slogger Slatts. "Everything Ponting touches turns to gold."

Well, yeah, except for the dropped catch off W.G. The Tourist.

SA set to win orienteering.


Is tennis the worst sport for radio? Get back on the cricket you ABC slapnuts!

Tony Tea

Get Doug Heywood.

Killer Fact! Watching Channel Nine and streaming the ABC doesn't work when the tennis is on ABC.


Get Doug Heywood back to commentate on Demons games. Pure biased brilliance.

Tony Tea

Heals: "Boucher's toes are still ringing."

Must have a shoe phone.

Tony Tea

Tubby with the rhyming slang: "McKenzie's having a free hit."

Tony Tea

Macca run out.


"The little man scampered," according Slatts.

As if the little man would do anything else. Warner is the very essence of a scamperer.

Excellent fielding, but. Unexcellent running

SA set to put-in-the-big-ones home.

Tony Tea

Tait dropped Alby Mangler.

Getting his own back.

Admittedly a tough slicer at deep backward point, but there goes the ball game.


Tell ya what fellas, Dokic at The Open has been brilliant to watch. So much emotion, melodrama, love, apologies, humility not to mention fantastic tennis.

Tony Tea

Can't watch the tennis. I'm overwhelmed by all that blue.

Meanwhile, the pending result has been downgraded from "demanding hike" to "comfortable saunter".

Tony Tea

Give yers the tip: Alby Mangler is an arsey slogger.


Record breaking summer for the Saffas says it all about the state of our cricket.

It's unAustralian to be this lame.

Tony Tea

Cliché alert.

Dropped catches lose matches.

Gibbs, down.

Morkel, down.

Australia, down.

Opposite to Bellerive.

Tony Tea

Alby caught on the boundary by Hopes off Ritz. Belated.


Hopes on a rope.



Tony Tea

By the way.


What is Finey's native tongue?

Tony Tea

Was about to write something like "How come Alby Mangele gets the MoM? Gibbs, Warner, Botha and probably Bracken were better" when I read this:

"Not much dispute in the fact that Albie is the Man of the Match for his 22-ball 40."

Cods. Wallop.


It makes as much sense as Joe Jackson's reconstituted head on ABC2. That's one, er, several wicked extreme makeovers he's obviously endured.


Agree with Tony T.

The facts:

Botha: strangulated Australia's momentum towards 300 by taking 3 for 32 leaving us 30 runs short of what we needed. Also took two catches.

Warner: Started the aforementioned momentum by hitting 69 off 60. Also effected two important run-outs.

Morkel: No wickets for 47 off 7 overs. Hits 40 off 22, at a time when if he had have been out for a duck South Africa's run chase was still entirely gettable.

Morkel being MOM makes no sense to me either.

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