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Tony Tea

Speaking of driving.

Hands up if you knew Ponting was going to get out driving a slower ball to covers.

Tony Tea

Speaking of stupid.

Well, implicit in Ponting's dismissal, the way the Strayan batsmen have failed to adjust to varied spin, speed, direction and angle is very stupid.

Haddin is stupid.

Tony Tea

Roger Wills is a shocking bloody commentator.


Hopefully we can gain some confidence and form against the Vettoris. It is disappointing how Gilolitharan is taking wickets, containing runs and doing his MVP impressions game after game. Looking ahead, KP has just flogged the hapless Windians for plenty. We will start against them as underdogs.


Did anyone else think it odd that, on at least 2 occasions, the channel nine commentators cried 'Great Shot!' only to see a South Afrian fielder claim the catch? Perhaps they do think only one team is playing? I think we should start the mental disintegration for the return series - get Hauritz to become friendly with Botha, and get Roy to invite Gibbs out for a drink. CA would do well to get the number for Gibbs' rehab clinic while they're at it.

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