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Tony Tea

In case you were wondering... it's a muster of peacocks, which ought to impress Spanky.


There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around that the cock from old Regret had got away.

Hangover Black

A bit loose with your spelling there, Tone.

Putting a value on your wicket seems to have drained out of the bottom of our strategy bucket.

Nielsen needs to do a Dear Liza/Henry and fix it.


This is what I was talking about when I said the loss of Hayden (and his influence in the dressing room) would not be a bad thing. I guess the drivers of team 'culture' are the captain, senior players, and coach - but CA won't have a purge while they can still struggle along. I really can't see us beating South Africa, India, or England at the moment. I also can't remember having so many injuries! Apart from Warne's drug ban and McGrath soccer injury - I can't think of very many at all.

Tony Tea

The way Hayden was getting out, slapping at drives on the up, was a perfect example of how not to build an innings and how not to set an example to the rest of the order. It was also the perfect example of how the Strayan batsmen were suckered into stupid shots.

The Don has risen

We will not be no.1 until we get at least two matchwinning bowlers.
We do not have any at present.

Bowlers who struggle to get the Opposition out put more pressure on the batsmen who usually react badly to it as we did.

It seems to me the Ards are the best team for some time given their age and their potential bowling attack.

India are very good and possibly no.1 at present but they will lose some big names very soon.

That puts us no.3


nick, I guess it depends how far you look back. There were certainly injuries enough that Bichel played 19 tests, not to mention the careers of Young, Robertson, Wilson, and Dale. Gillespie was almost as bad as Paper Cut at the start of his career, Fleming had his share, McGrath missed games against India regularly enough to be an issue, Warne had his shoulder problems, Steve Waugh his hamstrings/calves, Langer his skull. And then there was the latter days of McDermott and Hughes when we had to ship Reiffel over halfway through the '93 Ashes and fielded a threadbare but successful attack in 94/95 against the Windies. Injuries happen, the difference now is the first XI bowlers are inexperienced and the back-up are unknown, whereas before, debutantes generally weren't expected to do the heavy lifting.


You've got a better memory than me! Tomorrow's game should be enlightening - to see if our second XI beats theirs. In the Prime Ministers game today, Phil Hughes staked his claim to the Test opening spot - being outscored by 50 runs...by JL.

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