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But Paper Cut has a back injury! I think they should have stuck with Krezja. I also wonder what Rogers (bad attitude?) and Noffke (?off field incident in the Windies) have done to rule themselves out of selection for this side. Lee and Hayden, in India, really did not perform. The two Tests against NZ offered the selectors a chance to blood some new players. They did not. Merv Hughes looks to be a better player than selector. The others can't even jump that bar. Ponting's captaincy is average at best. Clarke's tattoos are even worse than Mitchell's labrette. I foresee two Tests of pain followed by Ponting, if he is still in charge, being the first Australian Captain to relinquish the Ashes twice.

Tony Tea

He does?!? Surely not.

Clarke's cartoons are dreadful. I didn't know he was such a fat-head.

In the short term, I have blocked all thought of *** *****.


He is a Beckham wannabe - surely he must have learned the way the world works from Brett and Shane....I was going to go on a tour to *** *****....but f*** it. No sense in travelling half way across the world to eat sh*t.

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