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Professor Rosseforp

Report I heard said he was punched by a fan who wanted a photo and an autograph. Mr Symonds declined, and then declined to get into a punchup.
Doesn't sound like bad behaviour to me, but maybe there's more to it.
Did anyone see the rugby union with France vs Australia? I have never seen a side play so badly and still win the game -- lucky for Australia that the ref gave a few shocking decisions which helped them to a try. He did his best for the French, but they didn't want to take advantage of his charity.

Tony T

My spies have the oil.

The bloke who went up to Roy demanding a photograph, was Paper Cut's best mate.


Perhaps Roy's latest fracas was not much in itself, but the fact that he was out drinking after returning from alcohol related problems indicates to me that he needs to be kicked out. We have a replacement in Paper Cut, and there are a number of other players - D.Hussey, Hodge, even Cosgrove if we want to fight flab with flab - who can bat at 6. In ODIs, we have even more in the cupboard. Bite the bullet, kick him out, and while you're at it, build up Adelaide as Hayden's last Test. Rogers has just scored two hundreds in a Shield game, he's in form, get him in now. That would give us :

Rogers - in form
Katich - in form

Ponting can prove his captaincy credentials by making a score, getting through the overs, and a pep talk to Haddin.

The Don has rsien

Clarke and Hayden back up Symonds.

They said they couldn't give a monkeys!
Perhaps Symonds should Singh for his supper

Big Ramifcations

I've always liked how luncheon rhymes with punch on.

Professor Rosseforp

For batsmen out of form, can I recommend Claratyne. According to the current tv advert, it improves your one-handed catching, and stops you from being bowled middle stump -- instead you start hitting sixes. I'm not sure if it's on the list of performance-enhancing drugs, though.

Big Ramifications

She takes a nice one handed grab, wot? But the batting style looks a bit unco.

I like how in dem hay fever adverts, once they take the pill they decide stuff their faces into the nearest bunch of flowers and take a whiff like a desperate stoner pulling a bucket bong.


Perhaps Roy's latest fracas was not much in itself, but the fact that he was out drinking after returning from alcohol related problems indicates to me that he needs to be kicked out.

Seriously? He should be kicked out despite not doing anything wrong, purely because he had the gall to leave his hotel?

I hope you get shot in the face Nick. People like you are destroying this country.

Hangover Black

Crazy out?

Who comes in? The Oz says maybe Hauritz is a dark horse. I'm plumping for a darker than dark horse -with no form in 1st class cricket, and hardly a wicket the last time he played at Adelaide - Aaron Heal. He kills them in 50-over stuff, taking wickets with flight and spin, rather than darts, but can't get a game at the WACA in the Shield where they go in with 4 quicks every game. Migth be a bit early in his career, but I reckon he's a very good long term prospect. Have a look at him in today's game against the Vics (for those Foxtel equipped). He'll probably get spanked out of the attack now.


Hey hey Yobbo - although I'm glad to see you back, I think that's a bit harsh. Symonds is employed, via a private contract, with CA. He offered to take a $250k/yr pay cut to avoid the contact with the public part of his contract - this was refused. Therefore he is employed to play cricket and to be a cricketer. This involves dealing with the public. He may well have been 'in the right' this time - but if he keeps making the same mistakes, I think he should be kicked out. Darren Berry, Michael Slater, Shane Watson, Brad Hodge - all prety unimpressed with his behaviour and his immediate return to the team. I want Australia to win. CA wants Australia to win. Symonds going to pubs after being rubbed out for alcohol related problems does not advance this aim.

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